Who Wants To Marry A Nigerian Millionaire?

Who wants to marry a Nigerian millionaire

Welcome to our new and exciting game show.

The rules: Each contestant takes their place in the hot seat and get to ask a few questions of their suitors. At the end of the round, if there is a match, you get oil drilling in Ogoniland. The first occupant of the hot seat is Banke, a lawyer from Ife. Our first contestant is Segun who lives in Ibadan.

Round 1. Banke in hot seat.

Banke: Hi.

Segun: Hello.

Banke: So what is your discipline?

Segun: Finance.

Banke: what do you do?

Segun: I am a manager.

Banke: Segun, everyone in Nigeria is a manager, tell me something better!!

Segun: Well, I am a financial manager in Guiness Asset Management.

Banke: Where are you from anyway?

Segun: I come from Modakeke.

Banke: Ah, o ti o, forget it, please RMD, bring the next contestant(((

Round 2 : Nkiru in Hot seat

Peter: Hello.

Nkiru: Hi, so tell me about yourself.

Peter: I am a trader from Enugu and I go to Taiwan and Singapore twice a year to buy electronics. I have one shop in Onitsha and one in Lagos at Alaba.

Nkiru: Where do you have a house since you are all over the place?

Peter: Well, I live in Ebutte Meta so that's no problem.

Nkiru: Well, at xmas time, where would we spend xmas, in my home town of Mbaise or in Enugu where you are from?

Peter: Oh, you are from Mbaise? (He laughs a little) Chei, so you have not heard that if you ever see an Mbaise woman and a snake, kill the Mbaise woman first before you kill the snake

Round 3: Aishatu Magaji in the hot seat

This round had to be stopped because Aishatu had already been betrothed to Alhaji Megida since the age of 12.

Round 4: Bisi on the hot seat

Bisi: Hello RMD.

RMD: Hello to you too, your first contestant is Emeka; Welcome.

Emeka: Thanks RMD, Bisi, Hello.

Bisi: Hi, so tell me about yourself, what you do for a living etc.

Emeka: I am from Oboiwu, I am an Investment Banker and I love to play chess.

Bisi: RMD, can I make use of one of my life lines?

RMD: Sure, why not, who do you want to call?

Bisi: I will call my mother.

RMD: Okay, Nitel and Multilink will both try to reach your mother.

(Multilink operator: We have Bisi's mom on the line.)

(RMD: Thanks.)

RMD: Mama Bisi, This is RMD here with Bisi who is playing to win a husband and get oil drilling rights in Ogoni land, she needs you to help her make her choice.

Mama Bisi: Yes, how can I help

Bisi: Mummy, I have Emeka here who is an investment banker from Oboiwu and I am definitely interested.

Mama Bisi: Does his father own a bank?

Bisi: No ma.

Mama Bisi: Do they own a factory?

(Nitel Operator: RMD, we are really sorry but all trunks are busy, please try later.)

(RMD: You've been very helpful, thanks.)

Bisi: No ma.

Mama Bisi: So he's a banker?

Bisi: Yes ma.

Mama Bisi: Omo Ibo ko, Owo Ibo ni, se ori re ope ni? Look, you better come home now and forget Omo Ibo, Seyi's father owns a bank, I want you to marry him. A person who works in a bank is a worker not a banker!!! (Hangs up)

RMD: So do you want to continue?

Bisi: No, I will quit now.

RMD: Is that your final answer?

Bisi: Unfortunately yes.

Final Round: Bunmi on the hot seat

RMD: Welcome to the,

Bunmi: RMD, lets not waste any time today, lets get on with it.

RMD: Aha, we are on schedule and ,

Bunmi: You are not on my own schedule oh, I need a man and I need him yesterday.

RMD: Okay, our first contestant is Tayo.

Bunmi: Is Tayo an old KC boy?

RMD: What does it matter?

Bunmi: I went to QC and anything less is absolutely unacceptable.

RMD: Okay, maybe we should bring IK, a lawyer now and an old student from KC.

Bunmi: Ik, Ik, , is that IK Benson?

RMD: Yes, you are psychic!!!

Bunmi: RMD, I will marry him, I dated him before and know all about him. Besides he went to Unilag too. Thanks

RMD: What a day, with that we bring an end to today's show, we would like to thank our sponsors, MULTILINK, NITEL and NAIJACARD, A message from our sponsors.

This Game show was brought to you by NAIJACARD,

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Marrying an American : Green Card

Marrying a Japanese woman: Lots of Sushi

Marrying a Nigerian: Priceless

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e din make gud zenz!!!


my clumsy abeg summarise 4 moi


Pls when i finish reading wake me up!!


I even dozed off half way


I will become a millionaire.


Thnk heaven for small mercies.

I'da been livid if I read that then!


Cnt belive i read all of dis. I no laugh or even smile.

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