Why did Charly Boy kiss Denrele Edun? Are they gay?

The kiss of two Nigerian celebrities Charly Boy and Denrele Edun happened 5 years ago! However, we knew nothing about it back then. But now one of them is ready to share their little secret! Find out what they were hiding this entire time!

Charly and Denrele kiss

Do you remember the old story about two Nigerian celebrities kissing each other? It seems like Denrele Edun, one of them, has something to say about it now, in 2016.

Five years ago he didn’t want to give any comments about the photo of him and Charly Boy kissing. Back then everybody was sure that they were gay but for others it was hard to believe that the explanation is that simple.

It turned out that the reason why they were kissing was a scene from the movie they were trying to shoot! Why did Charly and Denrele kiss become so viral? What was so special about the movie they were shooting?

The film two Nigerian celebrities were making was about people from different generations who however had similar problems and similar features. One of the shots captures them as a father and his son.

According to the words of Edun, Charly just kissed him at that moment. It wasn’t a romantic thing or anything like that – just a joke that everyone perceived as reality.

Denrele laughs that they didn’t even notice when the picture of their kiss became so popular. They were the only topic of people’s discussion! Their fans were really shocked and thought that Charly and Edun were really dating.

Even though both of them are really spontaneous and bright personalities it was still hard to believe that two celebrities turned out to be gay.

Denrele Edun

The full name of the Nigerian TV presenter is Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun. He was born in 1983. Right now he works for Channel O but before that he also presented for Soundcity.

Early years

It might be a surprising fact for you that Denrele was born in Germany. His mother was Indian and his dad was Yoruba. He is not the only child in the family – he has two sisters.

Charly and Denrele kiss

He spent most of his childhood in Hamburg but his family moved to Nigeria when he was five. Denrele attended several colleges such as St Gregory's College, the University of Lagos and Ikoyi.

Career of Denrele Edun

There is no person in Nigeria that has never heard about scandalous Denrele! He is mostly famous for his style and tastes in fashion. Even his personality is standing out among others.

He has been really talented and creative since his early childhood. When Nigerian TV presenter turned 11 he appeared in his first actual show at NTA Network.

Back when he studied at the University of Lagos he got really interested in fashion and became a model. He was noticed by the huge number of producers.

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Therefore, it wasn’t hard for him to find a job as a presenter at Sound City. Edun majored in English at his university.

It seems like he really loves entertaining industry and his fans enjoy watching him too. In one of his interviews he said that people loved to put labels on him and his personality.

They thought he was just an actor who didn’t reveal his real self. But the truth was that he just acted the way he felt like. He was himself – not because he wanted to impress the audience.

Denrele Edun has already won at least 16 awards. There is no doubt he will earn even more.

Charly Boy

Charly Boy is also very famous in Nigeria. He was born in 1951 and his full name is Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa. We know him as a singer, performer, producer and songwriter.

Charly and Denrele kiss

A lot of people also consider him one of the best in the industry of entertaining. Charly is never afraid to express his thoughts on certain topics, he is always very open to the public.

Moreover, he hosts his own show called The Charly Boy Show. Boy is the member of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria and he has participated in a lot of talent shows as a judge.

Early years

The life of this Nigerian celebrity is full of mysteries! He was born in catholic family and his father was a judge. The person who introduced him to music was his cousin Dr. Alban whom he really respected and appreciated.

For some reason Charly Boy didn’t want to talk about his age! He wanted it to remain a secret which was confusing for a lot of people and especially his fans.

Nobody knows why he avoided this topic but it surely made him look like man who has secrets! That’s why people wouldn’t stop talking about him.

However, in 2011 he decided that it was time to reveal the truth and claimed that he turned 60. But 2 years later he said he was 63 which was just impossible.

Therefore, we still don’t know why he is hiding this information and whether he is ever going to tell the truth. As for his relationship with the parents, he says that they supported him and loved him.

Charly and Denrele kiss

However, as most Nigerians back then, they were conservative so he was constantly watched and not allowed to do a lot of stuff.

At first he also wanted to become a lawyer to follow the career path of his dad but later changed his mind and majored in communications.

Music of Charly Boy

His debut album was released in 1982. He wasn’t a professional musician back then so it wasn’t that successful. What is more, he didn’t seem like an interesting person to any of the producers.

Therefore, it was hard for him to find a sponsor and a person who would support him. But in 1985 his other album became quite popular. But the real success came to him in the 1990s.

In his songs he mentioned a lot of topics that were really important for Nigerians back then. He would openly say that there are issues like corruption in the contemporary society.

After his success in the 90s Charly Boy continued his career and recorded few other albums. Nigerian singer worked together with his cousin and some other famous people.

Few of his most famous songs include "Carolina", "Work Work Africa" and others. Despite his age, Charly Boy is still popular in Nigeria and nearly everyone knows his name.

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