Why Patoranking famous Nigerian singer performs on wheelchair?

Why did Nigerian singer Patoranking performed on a wheel chair? Must read story about dignity and truth.

Quite recently, last Sunday, well-known Nigerian reggae singer Patoranking has decided to surprise public.

Patoranking news

He has stepped on the stage in a wheelchair. At first, listeners were in perplexity. It has turned out later that this is a special action, which is devoted to people with limited abilities. In his Instagram, the singer has posted a photo from the performance with the signature. It says: ‘The performance was devoted to each person whose possibilities are limited. Don't allow other people to humiliate you. God is always with us’. With that phrase, Patoranking wanted to give hope to the admirers that they can become successful, despite everything.

Patoranking wheelchair photo

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This is not all Patoranking news for today. It became known that artist is going to create a new album. K1 De Ultimate takes part in record. It is worth reminding that this is not the first cooperation of the singer. He has already cooperated with famous Nigerian rapper Blacky.

god is with us Patoranking

The performer constantly settles his decisions about music with others. He believes that doing so, the album turns out better. Patoranking also says that he feels responsibility to other young performers. He wants to become a good example for them.


Such actions are very useful to many people, when you look at these people, togda start zadumovatsya about your life, there are many possibilities, and you just sit and wait for a miracle, at the time, when you have everything and the arms and legs, and can be reach of all, and you just do not do anything. I think this man has given an example for many to think, and all will make their own conclusions. Thank you for the article, it was very interesting to read, and really aware of the fact that there may be no such opportunities, and you just do not use dull moment.

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