Why Peter Okoye started solo career? – Psquare breakup

Is Psquare over? Learn what the Okoye brothers are up to and what Peter has decided to do.

The well-known duet PSquare has broken up. One of participants of a duet, Peter, has decided to begin solo career after scandal with his elder brother, Jude. Jude was the management of group.

peter okoye solo career

In his Twitter, Peter said what caused Psquare break up. It is not because of the conflict between participants. Quarrel with Jude became the reason. He also sharply spoke to him. Peter believes that his brother isn't able to operate the group: “Psquare doesn't break up. But the management has to be dismissed”. The guy doesn't call the exact reasons, which have led him to such relations with management, but many people considered his statements shocking.

psquare duet break up

Later he has apologized for his behavior. But the musician declared that he apologizes first of all to admirers, but not to the brother. He told that he has made a mistake, as any other person could do.

He also has declared that he wanted to dismiss management already in 2013, but didn't do it because of his colleague's, Paul, desires.

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After a public statement of Peter, listeners of their music hoped brothers have reconciled, the duet would be restored, and Peter Okoye solo career would not lead to an end of the group. However, it didn't happen. They have finally confirmed their disruption.

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However, there is also good news for fans of Peter's music. He decided to begin a solo career. The musician has published a photo of his new management in the Instagram. The guy admitted that it is very pleasant to work with this man. He has already made one song. We will closely monitor further development of the singer.

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