Why police is involved in Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight?

What has Linda Ikeji do to stop the fight with Wizkid? Did she filed to police? Find out now.

The public confrontation between the famous Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji and Wizkid got a new turn. It seems like it has gone far beyond personal abuse on social media. Find out what happened now.

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid

Linda Ikeji turned to police

It all has started comparably small on Twitter and other social media, such as Instagram. Seems like these sites have turned into a platform where many celebrities speak out their mind and share views on each other. Some of such views can be pretty insulting, too.

wizkid reported to police

It seems like Linda was the one who started it this time and Wizkid lashed back at her. These public “conversations” went on for a while and many other celebrities, including Olamide, got engaged in it, taking sides between the blogger and the rapper.

Eventually, Linda Ikeji viewed one of Wizkid’s comments as a direct threat. She reported it to Lagos police. Now she took to explaining her actions. She stated that she actually liked Wizkid a lot and was one of his top fans. She thinks Wizkid has started it all out and with no reason just talked her down publicly. Despite all that she kept on being nice to him and wrote good stuff about him.

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Finally Wizkid seemed to cross a line by telling lies about Linda having sex with one of his directors. He called her some names, too. So, she filed a complaint to police office about all such things and the threats she heard from him. She states that she is not afraid of the rapper, but just wants to let him know he won’t go unpunished for what he does.

handcuffs wizkid

She states that she is not Ok with either physical or verbal violence against women including herself. If women do not report such things, they give abusers the ability to go on with it and hurt them even more. She is up to putting an end to the story! That is her point of view on the whole situation with Wizkid. Follow the news to learn more and share your opinion. 

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