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How Is More Romantic?


I conducted a research on who is more romantic of all the tribes(Male).

Well, from the research, I came up with the following findings:

3rd: A typical Igbo Guy

2nd: A Hausa Guy

1st: A Yoruba Guy.

Based on the following, the result was concluded.

A Neutral chic was chosen and three different guys(yoruba,hausa and igbo) where told to woo her and the winner will get an all-expense trip to the Bahamas.

1. The Igbo guy, thought he could virtually buy the girls love(heart) with money and heavy spending without wooing her or saying nice words to her. EGO was just the main joker for him. This however didn't work, money can't buy love

2. The Hausa guy, invited the girl to his house. The place was soo neat, she tripped but, he just wanted to F&$K her so it didn't work.

3. The winner, concentrated on tripping (or F&*king with her mind) he bought her cards, gift and spent time calling her filling her head with nice and sweet words(knowing that chics fall in love through their ears). In the end, he not only won, he F*&ked the girl all-night.

Whats ur take.

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