Banky W wife quest – Why people think marriage fails in Nigeria?

Will Banky W make a break in his music career to find a good wife? And why Nigerians stop value marriage? Find out now.

Have you heard the latest news on Banky W taking a year off from his music activities to find a wife? It seems like marriage is rather important for this Nigerian musician. Let us find out more about Banky W wife quest and learn why many people think marriage fails in Nigeria.

Banky W wife quest

What is Banky W up to?

The rumors of Nigerian singer taking time off to find a wife have spread back in 2015. He tweeted about it and people actively discussed the news. The singer had some things to finish up. For instance, she was working on his albums with other Mavin celebrities. Seems like in 2016 he plan on recording 3 new ones.

Banky W wife

However, despite such activity in his interview to Channels Television Entertainment News Banky W stated, that his intention to take wife hunting vocation is real. Obviously, the celebrity has a hard time finding fulfilling relationships that would end up in marriage.

The institution of marriage and family is very important for him. So, he is in a quest of finding his significant other, starting a family and having kids of his own.

Banky W

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Why marriage fails in Nigeria?

Despite the fact that many Nigerians are religious, the divorce rate is growing. Presently in 2015 the divorce rate has grown to be over 30%. This means that every 3rd marriage ends in divorce. This also means that millions of kids are brought up with single parents. The culture of strong marriage is getting shaken in Nigeria, as well as around the globe.

It seems like men and women have different reasons to divorce their spouses. In many cases, men think wives have cheated on them and have been lacking marital loyalty. One man, for instance, found out that only 1 of his three kids was biologically fathered by him. The other two were from other men.

Now, lots of women, who divorce their husbands, indicate some very different reasons:

  • He is a liar
    They think their husbands are pathological liars unable to tell the truth. And they lie about cheating, too.
    He is a liar
  • He is heartless
    Many women feel like their husbands have no kindness and love for them, no respect for their needs.
  • He is a poor provider
    Women feel like men fail to provide and keep the family.
  • Nothing in common
    After a while spouses feel like they lead two separate lives and have nothing in common.
    Nothing in common
  • Lack of affection
    The love seems to go away and nothing is left in its stead.

These are the main reasons why men and women think marriage is failing and seek divorce. Here is a good quote on the subject:

Banky W 2016

“People do not get married planning to divorce. Divorce is the result of a lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as teammates in an intimate relationship.” Gary Chapman

In reality the reason for failing marriage in Nigeria is the lack of understanding. People think that love can carry them through life and all the odds of it. That is not true. You have to work hard on your marriage and relationships (both men and women), you need to prepare for marriage and be willing to invest in it. Then the marriage would stay holy and strong, as God has intended it to be. 


I do not think that all you need to stop or terminate his career searching for his wife. This is not a thing which is lost, and human destiny, and you can not find something that you liked. There will come a time, and his wife herself there, and not regard all of the money. It's not a toy that can get bored and can be thrown away, but a living person who just loves, feels, and wants to be loved. because the plan had nothing to come out, and do not need to guess at what is in front of. That is my opinion, someone disagree with me, and who will support it, but I think no one wants to be a toy.

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