Can the size of the breasts of pregnant woman tell the gender of the baby?

Can you know the baby’s gender by how big the mom’s boobs get during the pregnancy? Learn now.

 mother’s breasts’ size

This sound very improbable, but is it true? What science tells us about it is pretty shocking. Learn how the boob’s size and baby’s gender are related.

Can you tell the baby’s gender by the mother’s breasts’ size?

Surely, scientists have developed reliable technologies to tell that. For instance, you can make an ultra sound and discover the gender of your baby. In 95 percent of cases, it shows the true data. Or you can do the urine and blood tests to know it.

But what do you do if those things are out of your reach? In the past people have gotten some signs to tell it. They used to examine the shape and size of the baby bump to determine its gender. However, one scientist says that the size of the mom’s boobs is the best sign to use.

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 breasts’ size

Why is that? Well, we know of two major hormones that run our bodies. It’s estrogen for females and testosterone in males.  When the baby grows inside the womb, it starts producing the hormone dominant for its gender. Boys produce testosterone, and it gets into the mother’s system.

We all know the boobs of the pregnant woman increase in size and get ready to produce milk to feed the baby. However, testosterone is the thing that prevents the male breasts’ growth. So, moms pregnant with boys grow smaller boobs. Women pregnant with girls, on the other hand, get the double portion of estrogen, and their breasts grow bigger.

They reveal that 8+ cm increase in size signifies you have a girl and under 6 cm increase – you have a boy. That’s how you can know your baby’s gender without spending a dime on the tests!

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