Convoluted And Bizzare, Would You Support This Relationship?


Remember the above story on the switched babies? Now, here is the latest!

Buena Vista, Va. (AP) -Relatives of two girls who were switched

at birth have married. Carlton Conley, the biological father of

Rebecca Grace Chittum, wed Pamela Miskovsky, the biological

aunt of Callie Marie Conley, on Saturday. In 1995, Conley left

the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville with

Callie. Rebecca went home with Callie's biological parents,

Kevin Chittum and Whitney Rogers. Miskovsky had assumed

Rebecca was her niece until the hospital discovered the mix-

up in 1998, shortly after Kevin Chittum and Rogers died in

a car crash. The girls' identities were revealed through DNA

test results arising from a child support dispute between

Rebecca's biological mother, Paula K. Johnson, and Carlton

Conley. The marriage makes Carlton Conley Callie's uncle

by marriage as well as her biological father. Johnson, Carlton

Conley's ex-girlfriend, has custody of Callie. The Rogers and

Chittum families share custody of Rebecca


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Outrageous? Why don't you click on the link to ascertain the authenticity of the story.

@Almondjoy, there is no trace of Inbreeding in the love story. On another webboard, someone else endorsed the relationship


Honestly, for once, I was a little bit confused, trying to piece the information together, despite being aware of the unfortunate baby switch. Ok, a bit of explanation. The groom's baby was switched without his knowledge, and he and his then girlfriend were raising another child. When the man reneged on his child support payment (or something like that), claiming that he was not convinced that the baby was his, the girlfriend appealed in court. DNA was conducted, and the man was exonerated. His girlfriend was confused, which heightened when the baby was determined not to be hers. So upon investigation, they found out that the baby was switched and raised by another couple, who unfortunately had just died in a motor accident, prior to this revelation.

The woman, Paula Johnson, said that when she saw her real biological child, she knew that it was her baby, owing to the resemblance. DNA was taken, and she was right. And yeah, the ex-boyfriend is the father.

Now, this ex-boyfriend just married an aunt of his 'supposed' daughter that his ex-girlfriend was raising. The last I read, the judge had refused to grant his ex-girlfriend full custody of their daughter. So, that means, he is marrying the aunt and also (hopefully) raising his daughter.

It is a very convoluted story, but oh well, the man probably figures that by marrying the woman, he will be involved in his child's life.


In other words, the groom is marrying his "fake" daughter's aunt?


Messy!  If they feel comfortable with the relationship fine.  They are not related per se, but have a lot of "shared blood relatives". I think that would make me uncomfortable.  Anything with a tad of Inbreeding around it. . . .count me out! To much static in this relationship.



You and your outrageous stories. Where do you get these stories from by the way? Pluto?

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