How baby grow in the womb?

Now you know all about your own time spent in the mother’s womb and about your baby!

How baby grow in the womb

You may be a distributor or an Arabic sheikh, a Nigerian or a Chinese, but, in any case, you will have a sightless bond that will always connect you with other people. That tie is a fact of your birth. Every of us was growing in his mother’s womb for several months, and every of us was born. But how did it take place? How baby grow in the womb to come up and begin to perceive the world?

How baby grow in the womb? Secrets of nature

1. How baby develop in the womb?

Prenatal development is a very complicated and mysterious process. Even scientists cannot explain it exactly. At first there are just two cells – woman’s and man’s. They coalesce to a new living cell that will then develop into the baby. In four weeks it will become an embryo. Embryo on this stage does not look like human yet, sometime should pass. Scientists think that embryo developing is like an evolution: firstly a sell, then a group of cells, then it seems to be a little fish, an animal and at last – as a human baby. It even has a tail at start (later the tail disappears). That is because human and animals are similar, although not same.

From second to third month face of the baby forms. A baby grows quickly, so if its mother feels tired, she should just wait (sickness will pass off then), eat and sleep enough and have no stress.

Stress has a big influence to a baby on any time of pregnancy. It is quiet harmful. That is the reason why they advise to be careful with expectant mothers. The woman can even have a miscarriage if she has too much stress. Of course, it happens not usually, but happens.

How baby grow

Early birth is especially dangerous for babies that are younger than 24 weeks. They are not able to live autonomous and even medics hardly can help. After that date the birth is possible (but also is risky).

When it is the 32nd week, the baby takes a position that will allow it to get out from the womb.

On the 35th its bones become stronger except the scull. Scull stays elastic to make the birth easier for mother and baby

On the 37th week baby is almost able to be born.

40th-41st week is the most emotional for the mother as it is the time of lying-in. Sometimes the birth comes later: it depends on the mother’s and baby’s state. When the baby is born, it cries, as its lungs begin to work.    

baby grow in the womb

2. How baby feed in the womb?

In some way baby eats with you. It can even feel the flavor of some dishes you eat. That is because food can influence on the amniotic fluid, and baby notices the changes of it. Future food preferences of baby may also depend on this process.

And the process of feeding itself is provided by the blood stream of the baby’s mother. She consumes a food, nutrients are absorbed into her blood stream and flow with it to the baby through the umbilical cord. That’s why woman should eat much – to get enough of food to support herself and the fetus.

baby in the womb

3. Do baby sleep in the womb?

Baby starts to sleep and awake in the way we do on the 28th week of pregnancy. It sleeps for almost all the time it stays in the womb. The priority is growing and developing, and sleep is necessary for this processes.

4. Do baby cry in the womb?

Yes, it does – you just cannot hear its crying before the baby comes up. If you think about your baby when reading this, do not be afraid: everything is in order. It is a normal reaction to unpleasant things and, at the same time, a practice. Baby needs to practice as crying is the only way to tell adults something before it starts to speak.

 in the womb

5. Do baby hear you in the womb?

In the end of pregnancy (ten weeks before the birth) baby starts to distinguish the sounds from outside: music, voices, especially mother’s voice. It understands if it is the voice of its mother or of other people. Music and talks with unborn develop its brain, and even reading aloud will be not as strange as useful.    

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Now, when you know how baby grow in the womb, you see all the complexity of this process, all its greatness. It does not look just like a mechanism, but even if it is the one, there is no human that could make something better than it.

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