How do parents ruin their children's lives?

If you ever wondered how parents might ruin their children’s lives, you should read this article. Find different ways that may turn someone’s life into hell!

parents ruin life

The problem “parents – children” is internal and always will be.
Parents are the people who meet us at our birth and then lead through the childhood. They are the ones who affect us the most during the lifetime. The experience, the lessons given by them in our childhood have a great influence on our adult life. Shortly saying, our personal formation totally depends on them.
However, they also can be our lives’ biggest aggressors. There are certain ways in which parents ruin their children’s lives. Let’s have a short observation of those.

Being overprotective

overprotective parents

It may seem a little bit ridiculous, but overprotective parents sometimes ruin their child’s life more than the opposite type. By limiting their circle of friends, forbidding some activities that seem dangerous or inappropriate parents show their child the lack of trust. Children see everything and most of them try to protest, getting even into more problems.
Besides, many young people, which have been limited in their childhood, may get lost in their adult life. There are numbers of examples in literature and cinematography, when someone feels total freedom after leaving the parents’ house and simply self-destruct.


violence in family

Unfortunately, the violence in families is a problem that cannot wonder anyone. In many families, it is the only way to solve problems or to define who’s right and who’s not.
Violence is totally forbidden by many family psychologists, however, some parents still beat their children and do not express enough of love and understanding.
So how exactly does the violence ruin the lives of children? The answer is simple. Children become rude at schools and during the lifetime they consider the fistfight as the way to solve the problems and to prove their opinion. Moreover, violated children become violent parents in the future.

Not interrupting into their children’s lives

parents who don't interrupt

As the opposite of being overprotective, some parents are not protective enough. To claim that interrupting to your child’s life is a wrong thing to do that may stop his or her development, let us not forget that some children are too afraid to share their problems with the parents.
So, if you are parent, you are obliged to know what is going on in your child’s life, he or she may not even know about that.
Children get into the problems too easily, and they have to be watched over.

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Telling them what to do

parents tell what to do

Parents cannot decide everything for their children. Decisions like the higher education, sports sections or someone to date or not to date have to be after the children.
 So ordering them what to do with their lives is a totally wrong thing to do. It affects the adult life and in future some children are not able to make the decisions, doubting about every step they make.

Being terrible examples

parents bad role models

Children look at their parents look at their role models. As a result, everything their parents do is a right thing to do as an adult.
Many unconscious factors lead children to act like their parents when they are adult. So every parent has to think about it and do not show their children bad examples of behavior, like alcoholism, smoking, driving without a seatbelt or simply being rude with people.


overindulging parents

This the way of ruining everything in your children’s lives. Parents have to show their children that some things in this life require labor and hard work.
Being there for them every time he or she wants something is not a right thing to do. Independence is also something to be taught by everyone.

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