How is it like to have a muscular wife?

What do men think of having a muscular wife? How do they feel about being around a woman with pencil-thick veins on her biceps? Let’s find out.

muscular wifeDid you ever wonder how it feels to have a muscular wife? Can you imagine yourself living with a woman whose biceps are just as big as yours if not even bigger? Can you deal with seeing her 8 or even 16 blocks abs compared to your one flat one? Well, there are a lot of aspects around this question.

First of all, the question is whether men consider a muscular woman as a beautiful one. We know that beauty is a relative term. You might find someone beautiful while I do not see what you see. However, there is an understanding of an average beauty standard among people of certain age of era.

What I mean is that even if you take the last century and observe how the understanding of beauty changed, you will see that beauty is a relative term. For instance, in 1920s men considered a “flapper” woman to be beautiful. I seriously doubt that a man from that time would be willing to have a muscular wife since it was believed that a girl should have no curves or big breasts. Basically, she was supposed to be flat in all the meanings.

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Later in 1950s men came to a conclusion that a woman should have an “hourglass” shape with big breasts, long waist, big hips and long legs. Women worked hard to get the waist of the “perfect” size or make their legs look long enough for a runway show. The more curves this lady had, the closer she was considered for the beauty queen. Therefore, unless “curves” meant curves in biceps and between the abs blocks, no man would marry a muscular wife.

However, the beauty standards have changed a lot. Women with bigger breasts are still believed to be more beautiful than others. Nevertheless, with the emerging democracy and freedom of thought that is now the only orienting point in understanding beauty and its standards, men have more freedom to choose the shape of a woman they want to marry. Pin the view of the freedom of thought you hear more women sharing their stories if how they became muscular ones.

Even though muscular women are still quite a rare phenomenon, a lot of men find them attractive. When asked, men stated that woman can be either extremely muscly, merely muscly or have an athletic build. These three states are very different; therefore, men say different things about women of such shapes.

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The attitude of men to the fact that their wives decided to become muscular is usually predictable. It depends on the personality and a self-image of a man himself. The study showed that man that tend to be lazy are usually afraid of being married to a muscular woman, as this is a threat to their lazy comfort zone. This woman might want him to get a better shape while he is absolutely not willing to.

Furthermore, when a wife becomes muscular it shows her inner strength while a man might not have any. He can see this change as an discrimination of his manhood even if the woman did not mean to hurt him.

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Finally, some man might just have a different understanding of what a beauty standard of a woman is. He might find his muscular wife unattractive and just musclebound, not because he does not love herm but merely because he was taught and raised I culture where an understanding of the way the woman looks like was different from what he sees in his wife now.

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In such case his wife should talk to him first before making a decision of gaining muscles. He might be absolutely in love with his skinny shortie and not be willing to see her getting bigger and stronger.

Remember that men want to be needed. If his wife is not tall enough to reach for her favorite cereals at the top shelf, he feels like a superhero when he is the one helping her get them. He feels strong when she needs him when her tire is flat and she needs his help here and now. That is how men are created and the way they see themselves.

Most men would marry a woman of an athletic build, as she might still look feminine enough. However, percentage of men willing to have an extremely muscly or merely muscly wife drops drastically for a number of reasons. Let’s see why men choose athletic wives over muscly ones first.

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As our research showed, men believe that women with athletic build or slightly muscly ones are attractive. The fact that your wife has muscles or decided to get ones shows her inner strength and determination. She spends hours in a gym and dedicates even more time and effort to planning her diet to keep the shape. Therefore, being married to a muscular woman is a good thing as she is going to be a trustworthy companion.

Moreover, being married to a muscular woman can also be useful to you in the meaning that she can teach you discipline and self-control. Gaining muscles is not a one-day training . it takes much work and effort to get the shape. Therefore, a muscular wife is a strong-willed personality.

Men that have a submissive type of character tend to like the idea of having a wife that is stronger than a husband. It is normal to hear a man not willing to lead the way saying “I want a muscular wife”. This is in his blood and character; that is why he might be willing to marry a muscular woman.

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One more thing to mention about men willing to have muscular wives is that there are more of them in the gym than in the office. Men that do the powerlifting themselves believe that muscular wife is just a perfect one. They might not care how well she cooks or how organized she is. All they see is a person that shares the same passion to shapes and weights.

Some men confessed that they though that men with muscular wives are just stupid if they let their pretty wife turn into a musclebound person. However, after they started weightlifting and gained amazing shapes themselves, they changed their mind. That is why you can often see pictures of a couple where both a husband and a wife are powerlifters than those where she is a muscular athlete and he is an engineer with a sedentary lifestyle.

So, as you see the decision on whether to consider a muscular woman beautiful and whether men want to let their wives become muscular, is a very personal one. And in many things it depends on the type of character of a man and a woman it is all about.

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