How to choose Muslim name for a baby?

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Choosing a name for a child, born in a Muslim family or for a person who converted to Islam, people pay much attention to the meaning of the name. However, as well as to the fact what social class a child belongs to.

In Islam, there are several streams and, on the basis of affiliation to a particular stream, some names may be excluded. So among Shiites you can rarely see people with names Usman, Umar or Abu Bakr. The Shiites have a negative attitude to these names because they belong to the caliphs, who usurped power after the reign of the Prophet Muhammad. Also among the Sunnis, as a rule, people do not give such names as Djavat, Naki and Kazim. These names belong to the Shiite imams and Sunnis do not respect them. Giving a child a beautiful and good name is very important.

Muslim baby names

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Earlier the Muslims gave their children two names. One was ‘real’ and the child received it at the consecration (ritual similar to the Christian baptism) and another name could be absolutely different. The ‘real’ name was hidden carefully from other people. In order not to let them harm a baby. In today's world, this custom is gone, but still you can find a Muslim with two names.

In Islam it is considered that the names of righteous sense will bring the blessing and protect a man from all sorts of troubles. Prophet Muhammad encouraged Muslims to give good names, as ‘on the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your name and the names of your fathers’.

Muslim baby boy names

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For boys the most common names in Arabic are the names of the prophets, the various names of Allah, as well as the names from history. In Islam, there are a few rules of naming. For example, it is not necessary to give the Muslim baby boy one of a hundred names of Allah. Allah will guard a child if the name has the prefix ‘abd’, which means ‘slave’. Examples of such names are Abdullah, Abdurrahim and others. Boys are often called with the names of the prophets and angels - Ahmad, Muhammad, Ibrahim and others. Then the angel, whose name is given to a child, becomes his protector. It’s good to call a baby after one of the great caliphs, imams, saints, or outstanding ancestors.

You can be sure that these protectors will protect your baby. People are proud to have the Muslim names with the excellent meaning and value. For example, Al-Farouq means ‘who separates truth from false’ and Zinnureyn means ‘the owner of the two rays’. However, religion does not welcome it, the boys often have a double name, which combines several meanings.

The meaning ​​of many modern Muslim names for boys is very similar, even though they are quite different. For example, Jamil, Hassan, Elmir mean beauty, Zarif, Husain and Zinnat - a good man. And such examples are very wide-spread.

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It is believed that the names of Muslim prophets have a positive effect on the fate of a child, so they are very common today. For example: Abdul Dayan, Idris Kadir, Rahim, Khaliq and others. Even now, the most popular name is Mohammed. In addition, besides this ‘sound’ of a name there are more than a hundred names, formed from the one of the great prophet.

Practically there is no name that would mean something bad or negative. And it is clear, what parent wishes his child to have unhappy fate or wants to doom him to torment and constant misery and trouble.

If parents cannot decide how to call a child themselves, they invite Imam and he gives baby a name. You can do this directly in the mosque.

Muslim girls’ names

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Female Muslim names describe the character and beauty of a girl. Such names are nice to hear and have poetic meaning. For example, Ayla means ‘beautiful as the moon’ and Alsou – ‘beautiful, wonderful, rose-faced’. A lot of other women's names mean flowers. So Gulnara is translated like a ‘pomegranate flower’, and Yasmin is ‘jasmine’.

Modern Muslim names appeared a long time ago, with the emergence of Islam. Better part of them is of Arab origin. However, you can find Turkic, Persian and Iranian roots in Muslim names. For example, the name Ahmed has a Turkic origin and means ‘illustrious, the best’.

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Names may be different, but you will feel which one suits your baby the best. It’s very important choice, because your child will live the whole life with it. But everything is up to you. Today, parents try to give their children a rare, unusual name, which will make a child happy and will protect him from all problems. Beautiful and memorable Muslim names are perfect for this purpose.

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