How to get pregnant: 7 pros and cons of pregnancy in Nigeria

Children are a great blessing. Find out how you can get pregnant and discover some facts and statistics on pregnancy in Nigeria.

No doubt this topic would be of interest for many women. Knowing yourself and your abilities opens up new prospective in life and. Pregnancy is important for healthy marital relations and for self-esteem of many women.
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How to get pregnant: ins and outs

How women function

In some cases people get married and the woman gets pregnant soon after the wedding. However, it does not always happen so. All in all one should gain a deeper understanding how human bodies function and how pregnancy comes about.

How to get pregnant:It takes two persons for getting pregnant: a male and a female. They interact in a certain very intimate way – they have sex or make love and a woman gets fertilized by man’s sperm cells. These are basics, but in reality this process is pretty complicated and amazing.

Women have some special organs that make them able to become mothers: those are uterus and two ovaries. Initially a woman gets born with over 1 million eggs in the ovaries, but during her lifespan she uses around 400 of them.

Every month after the start of her period an egg matures in one of two ovaries and gets ready to be fertilized. This happens in between two cycles. Once the egg matures, it gets down into the fallopian tube. That is what doctors call ovulation. Once it happens, a woman becomes ready to conceive a child. At this she has no more than twenty four hours to conceive, for such is the short lifespan of the egg.

How men function

Male body functions very differently. Male body is not stalked up with the sperm. It has to generate and reproduce it over and over again. To produce just one sperm cell it takes man over 64 days to do so; after being produced these cells can stay healthy and alive only for few weeks. Male body keeps on producing sperm throughout the productivity years of life. Now, during the ejaculation sperm cells go right for the egg, but out of over 250 000 000 cells only one or two reach the egg.

 pregnancy in NigeriaNow, what options do you have to help get pregnant fast and easy? And, the main question is: does orgasm has anything to do with pregnancy? Scientists have discovered that male and female orgasm aim woman in getting pregnant. For one, male sperm is injected during the orgasm; it gets the cells a direction and power to go for it.
However, some doctors think that female orgasm and the waves that go over her body also help sperm cells to move further and faster reach the goal of their marathon.

Advantages and risks of getting pregnant

Carrying a child is an exceptional time in the life of every woman. It changes everything! And, of course, pregnancy has many benefits, not only for the married life and for the sake of having children, but health benefits as well. What are some of them?

  1. Health improvement
    Female body is built to stand jumps of hormones. During the pregnancy it experiences dramatic changes involving major hormonal changes. These changes are good for your health. In fact, pregnancy can have positive effect on the health of one’s reproductive system. If you one had long and painful period before the pregnancy, it can be cure and brought to normal afterwards.
  2. Cancer risks go downHow pregnant: 7 pros
    It is a scientific fact that pregnancy and feeding your child with breast milk can significantly reduce the risks of developing ovarian or breast  cancer. First pregnancy in the 20ss and having several babies is a positive factor for female health.
  3. Healthy habits
    Health requires your active part in it. It greatly depends on your eating, sleeping and physical activity habits. During pregnancy lots of women take better care of themselves; they eat healthier food and get rid of damaging habits, such as taking alcohol or smoking. Overall, this can teach you how to live a healthier life and preserve your good condition of the body.
  4. Sex life improvement
    Sex is not banned during the pregnancy time. It is a natural part of life and marital relations. Many women notice that during the middle trimester of the pregnancy their sexual sensations boost and some of them even have orgasms for the first time in their lives.
  5. Taste bud sensitivity
    Most women experience sharpening of their taste buds sensitivity during the pregnancy time. They can more acutely enjoy smells and taste of food, flowers, etc.
  6. Sense of fulfillment and happiness
    Despite some of the problems attached to pregnancy, most women are happy during this special part of their life. They experience deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment along with joy and happiness.
  7. Self-respect and high self-esteem
    Many women, who are unable to conceive, deal with low self-esteem. Pregnancy can appreciably boost the self-esteem of a married woman and help her fulfill her destiny in life. Maternity brings about lots of happiness and fulfillment that cannot be replaced by career or other things.  

Now, how about problems related to pregnancy? Are there any?

  1. Weight gainHow to get pregnant: 3
    Gaining extra weight during the pregnancy is a natural and inevitable process. Of course, not all of us like it, but it is a healthy process. If you stay active, you can get rid of the extra pounds afterwards. Unless, one is putting on too much weight.

    Maximal healthy weight gain during the pregnancy time should not exceed 33 pounds. Extreme weight gain can be conditioned by low level of activity and bad eating habits.
  2. Nausea
    As a rule, women experience it during the first trimester. This is when your body goes through extreme hormonal changes and these hormones can evoke nausea. The good news is, it should pass in just few weeks. Also, a woman can experience nausea on the last trimester. It is a dangerous sign and one should consult the doctor immediately, because it could indicate problems.
  3. Stretch marks
    Unfortunately, getting stretch marks on one’s hips and breast is conditioned by the genes. Some women have them, others don’t. There is not much you can do to avoid having them, if you are predisposed to have them.
  4. Insomnia
    Many women get insomnia during the last trimester. It can be caused by the baby growing big inside of the woman. It starts kicking much; and it presses and pushes key body organs of its mom.
  5. Water retention
    Lots of women complain about swollen legs and hands, or puffy faces. You can deal with this problem by limiting the amount of water you consume and by cutting down the amount of salt in your diet.

    How to get pregnant: 5
  6. Job limits
    You cannot do as much as you used to do, when pregnant. Certainly a woman with a child has to limit her work activity to preserve health.
  7. Taste changes
    A pregnant woman may get certain odd changes in taste. She may like the foods she used to hate or get urgent desire to eat some peculiar foods. Such changes may be evoked by hormones.

As you may see, the majority of cons related to pregnancy are timely. They pass away, but the baby you get can become the source of ongoing joy in one’s life. The pros obviously outweigh the cons.

Tips on how to get pregnant

  • Know your cycleHow to get pregnant Nigerian women
    As you already know, women have a very brief period of time for getting pregnant. Just few days during the cycle are favorable. So, one of the things to do is to know your period. You should know how to figure out, when you are ovulating and match it with good sex. Most women with 28 days period cycle get ovulation on the fourteenth day. However, it is not a magic formula, so one should consult doctors to get a better idea.
  • Enjoy and relax after making love
    Something else you can do to get pregnant fast is not to get up right after the sex. It is better for a woman to remain lying down for at least quarter of an hour. This way she gives more chance to the sperm cells to do their work and to finish their race.
  • Do not consume alcohol
    Another thing to do involves both parties. As you may know, male sperm cells can be weakened or destroyed by alcohol or tobacco. So, a man should refrain from drinking or smoking few days before the sex. The same is true about the woman. The best way to conceive a healthy child is to stay healthy and stay away from all the filthy habits.
  • Avoid stress 7 pros of pregnancy in Nigeria
    Stress is another off-putting factor that can affect the ability to get pregnant. So, a woman should take good care of herself and keep the stress down to be able to relax and receive the sperm to conceive a healthy baby.

    These are some of the tips on how to get pregnant and they can help you manage the task successfully.

Now, when you know how to get pregnant, you should take your time. Most married couples get pregnant in the first six months after the wedding. However, it takes longer for some of them and it may take up to a year to do so. If these tips on how to get pregnant and your efforts do not work, you should consider paying a visit to your doctor.

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Make examples and pros and cons of pregnancy in Nigeria

There are many factors that affect how you take being pregnant in Nigeria. For many women and families it is a very positive thing. For Nigerian man having many children means he has high status; it is a prestigious thing for them. For many women their ability to conceive a child is crucial. Men get married to have large families. That is why it is so important for Nigerian women to know, how to get pregnant and learn the tips that can make this process easier.

7 pros and cons of pregnanc According to stats an average number of children per Nigerian woman is 6. Some of the families have over 10 children in them. If a woman starts young and has her first pregnancy in her 20ss, such situation is not harmful for her health. It minimizes the chances of getting breast or other types of cancer and promotes female health. That is in the case, when a woman can get adequate medical assistance during the pregnancy time and during the delivery, as well as afterwards.

However, there might be some negative factors attached to pregnancy in Nigeria. In some rural areas women may not be checked for AIDS. This way there are high risks of infecting babies inside their wombs. Poverty is another factor that may lead to negative consequences of pregnancy. If a woman does not get enough food and nutrients, pregnancy may negatively affect her healthy and even undermine it. These realities of life have to be taken into consideration with talking of pregnancy in Nigeria.

This information on how one’s body functions and on how to get pregnant can help you to understand the process and succeed in your desire to become a mom.  


Very simple, understandable and accessible written especially for girls who absolutely do not know how and where children are born. By the way, the article had mentioned that some girls are married already pregnant. So, but now I would like to say about the problems mentioned in the article that is associated with pregnancy. So, these "problems" I would not call them. It's just the effects of pregnancy, in which nothing serious. Well, you will type the weight, then lose weight, or get rid of stretch marks. I do not think it is very problematic, but it is worth it, so that the child was born.

Answered 1 year ago.

quite informative information written in the article and it is useful to know many people, because some do not really know when you can get pregnant to choose the right day. I agree that before that you need to eat well are preparing to include in your daily diet vitamins. the products most useful for the body. You also need to observe hygiene to prevent the ingress of bacteria. Also some girls after intercourse, lift up lying on his back high up the legs to this action the faster the sperm got there, don't know if that's true, but girls write that it is valid.

Answered 2 years ago.

For me and my husband the question of having a baby was rather difficuit and painfull. For more than year and a half we desperately wanted to have a baby but nothing happened. Although the doctors told us that we are completely and totally well. It was very hard to understant the real problem of us and i dont understand still. But one time, when we give up trying i became pregnant from the first time. It was a real miracle for us, and now we have a two years old daughter. I hope your article would help lots of people to have such a big mirracle as a new life of your child!

Answered 2 years ago.

My women problems began when ne and my husband determine to have a tiny-baby. I didnt manage getting pregnant for what seemed to be eternity and that is why we determine to consult a doctor. I understood that i had some problems and doctor told me that i have some misfortunes. For a coupple of years i had to take pills and go trough difficult treatment. And afterward finally i had a tiny brand new baby. We were delirious over delight. So i can really agree with this article that children are in all intents and purposes benediction, particulary when you want them this much. I rub through a major woes with my lustiness and also i grow fat stout.But it is worthy

Answered 2 years ago.
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