How to have a baby girl

Here you can read all the information necessary to know if you want to give birth to a girl. Read and enjoy!

Conception of a child is a great miracle, the real mystery. But sometimes parents want to control everything and want to know how to have a baby girl naturally using any methods, even if they’re not scientific. What do you have to know if you’re the one who is dreaming you about the birth of your daughter? Here are some ways to conceive a girl.


When do you have your ovulation?

Doctors advise to conceive no later than two or three days before the ovulation.

What is more, superficial penetration during sexual intercourse also increases your chances to get the girl.

You also need to determine the days of your ovulation. You need to measure your basal body temperature or buy the special tests at the pharmacy.

Age of the future parents

The age of the couple going to have a baby is important too.  British scientists also advise to pay attention to the ratio between the age of the wife and the husband. In families where the wife is older than the husband there’s a greater chance to have a girl.

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How to have a baby girl - Diet

American scientists found out that the sex of the child depends on the future mother’s behavior during the menstrual cycle. To make giving birth to a girl possible, there has to be a sufficient amount of calcium and magnesium in the woman’s body.

Coffees, tea, carbonated mineral water with potassium contain all those elements. It’s recommended to eat as much fish and pastries as you want. But forget about the salt. Eggplant, beets, carrots, cucumbers, onions are also great for you. Fresh fruits, dried fruits, natural juices are the best things you can have during your pregnancy to have a baby girl.

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 You should also not forget about sugar, honey, jam and eggs (those products contain protein). And reduce the amount of meat and potatoes. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts are something you should never eat during your pregnancy and menstrual cycle if you want to have a girl.

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Intimate question

The less sex you have, the more likely you will have a daughter. The sex position is also important to conceive a girl. Choose the missionary position (the woman at the man’s side or the woman on her stomach).

The chance of conception a girl can be also calculated by the Rh factor and the blood group of the future parents. For example, if mom and dad have the same Rh factor (positive or negative) they’re more likely to have a girl. If they are different (for example, father has the negative factor and the mother has positive), it is possible that they will have a boy.

In addition, blood group plays a really important role too. If both parents have the first or the second group, there are great chances to give birth to a daughter.

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The method in the style of New Age

It is based on a psychological method of visualization. In order to give birth to a girl you need to have a huge desire to do it. Future parents, especially the mother, have to think of everything, even the smallest details of their baby. For example how her face or hair will look like. This way you can “order” a girl.

However, every child is a miracle and a real gift so not all people worry about how to have a baby girl or boy.

At all times parents tried to influence the future child's sex. People used to do a lot of weird things like putting the ribbon under the pillow, waiting for hot weather... Today women have better options to plan a child birth. But don’t forget that you can’t argue with the Nature. Parents should remember that all of those methods can’t assure you if you’re having a girl or a boy. Therefore, if you are passionately willing to have a girl it’s necessary to consider all of them. Even though none of them give a 100 percent guarantee. And even if you have a baby boy instead of the daughter it shouldn’t disappoint you.


I now wonder, those who have followed such advice, that is to follow a diet, do not eat salt, eat more vegetables, do conceive a girl? Of course, I did not check this method, but is not particularly trust him, and indeed, inclined to some heredity, and of course, a sperm, with which set of chromosomes quickly gets to his purposeful. And about that, the less sex before conception - partially agree. That is, less sex-is a high probability of pregnancy. Since sperm are full of strength and energy. But the fact that a girl as a result of abstinence - this is nonsense. So, as it wa not tried and failed to comply with the diet - nature and heredity will solve everything for you.

Answered 1 year ago.

Scientific ways of conceiving girls based on the distribution of chromosomes. They are divided into the Y-chromosome (male) and X chromosome (female) which one is the first one to reach goals and take root in the uterus, this floor will be a child. It is known that the Y chromosome is much more active than the X chromosome, but the length of their existence much less. And for conceiving girls need to stick exactly X chromosomes.

How to conceive a girl on ovulation? You need to know exactly the day when it will happen 3-4 days before ovulation to cease to make love. Then to the desired day, the Y chromosome will not remain in a woman's body, and X-chromosome gain their strength.

If everything is correctly calculated, then the birth of a daughter you provided. This research method successfully used during pregnancy in many European countries, and already long enough to speak confidently about the veracity of the method.

What to eat to give birth to a daughter?

For those who do not trust science and tables, there are many other popular ways that help to plan the sex of the baby. But they don't have a great warranty, so to use them or not – to solve only to you.

Often the question is asked – what to eat, to have a daughter? For this reason, popular a special diet that must be followed for several months prior to conception of the baby.

If your goal is the birth of a girl, you need to entirely exclude such products as: meat, salt and sugar. Has recommended fish, eggs, rice, milk, fruit (except peaches and bananas), vegetables.

It is believed that this food helps to create an environment, a positive influence on X-chromosome. But this diet is not entirely healthy, especially during pregnancy planning, so it is all good to weigh before you use this method.

Answered 1 year ago.
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