How to make a native-style baby carrier with your own hands?

With the intense and active lifestyles we live in, we need much support with the ways to carry babies around with us. What if you cannot take a stroller while leaving the house? What is a better and a convenient way to carry your baby? Let’s read more about it here.

sling baby

Babies can be fussy and very calm; sometimes it might be hard to watch your baby while some important tasks in the city. Thus, an African style sling will help you here out. It is very easy to make and extremely convenient. Moreover, as you make it yourself, it will be way cheaper than a regular sling from the store.

This sling comes from Mozambique where mothers usually take small children when going out. All you need to make this sling is a regular and really just any rectangular piece of cloth. You might need assistance when putting this sling on. Put your child in the middle of the cloth and tie the ends of the sling in a knot.

baby carrier

Some mothers claim they have been carrying their babies in this manner since the age of 1 month. Research showed that this sling encourages the development of big motor skills of the children unless they carried this way for two long. And some psychologists state that it can eliminate the level of aggression (there is scientific evidence to this fact).

The other carrier you can make with your own hands is called pouch. There is a lot of tutorials on how to make them at home. They are very simple and affordable. You can also decide whether you want to use sewing machine for it or not depending on you skills and abilities.


For pouch you might need more time in order to do some calculations, and your child might get bigger sooner than you think. However, you will be able to have eye contact with the baby and easy access to him/her any time you want. This pouch is also a #1 choice for mothers who are still breast-feeding their babies, as the baby is in the perfect position to breastfeed and then fall asleep if needed.

After googling on this matter I have found at least ten ways on how to carry your baby with just one rectangular cloth. The positions can vary depending on the size, age and ability to sit quiet of your baby.

baby carrier pouch

If you are a parent of an infant, it will be more convenient for you to use an infant support pillow. With babies few months old it is better to wear them facing opposite direction in order to let him/her explore the world around him and, thus, be occupied.

For babies that can already sit up and hold their heads, put them into a “hip  carry position”. This will help you develop his motor skills as well as talk to him/her and spend little quality time while walking.

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carry a baby

The other option is the one I mentioned at first as an African style carrier. But you can carry your baby not only on your back but on your side as well. Carrying him/her on the side is more convenient in case your child is tired and is likely to fall asleep as it will be hard for him to sleep behind your back having nothing to lean on.

However, there is a danger that such carriers can cause positional asphyxia. This can happen to the infants or few months old babies. This asphyxia occurs when the normal airflow is blocked. For instance, if your baby’s chin is pressed against his/her chest, this can block him/her from normal breathing which, in its turn, will lead to choking.

You can use special infant pillow to prevent choking and to keep baby’s head up.

carry baby with you

The tips to make sure your baby is doing well in the carrier:

  1. Make sure you can see your child all the time. It is not too much to ask if you have a look at your baby every now and then. Check if his head is away from his chest.
  2. Check if he/she is breathing properly; there should be no sign of rapid breathing and frequent sighing. Otherwise, you might want to see a doctor to consult about the possibility of positional asphyxia.

Check out the most popular slings and carriers I added into my article and watch the video on how to make one with your own hands from the materials you definitely have at home. And stay healthy!


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