How to make diapers for babies yourself?

Tired of wasting tons of money on diapers for your baby? It can really cost a fortunate. So learn how to make diapers yourself and start saving money for his college instead of wasting them for diapers.

baby diaper

Diapers seem to be a necessity; they make lives of mothers easier. However, they tend to cost tons of money which can be tough if you are a young family or just not ready to spend that much on them on the regular basis.

So I have found quite a few ways how to make diapers with your own hands from the things that do not cost too much. Keep reading to learn how to make diapers out of your old T-shirts.

This way you can use the recycling process to save your budget. I am sure you have a few old t-shirts you are tired of wearing, or maybe they have a few holes in them. Do not throw them away – use them to diaper your children! And even more: you do not have to sew to make this kind of diapers. All you need for it is a pin and an old t-shirt.

easy to make diaper

Start with laying the shirt on the table. Then fold the t-shirt into equal thirds (to do that you will need to grab the t-shirt’s top and bottom and bring it to the opposite side with sleeves pointing into opposite directions). Make sure there are no wrinkles on the t-shirt.

The top of the shirt should be folded down towards the center of our future diaper. This way the sleeves would be folded in two.

Then grab the bottom of what is left and fold it half-way to the top. Put this diaper on your baby and overlap the sleeves to cover his belly. Then pin it in the middle (with a safe pin!) Make sure it fits – and there you go! You have got a diaper that cost you nothing!

baby diaper

The other way to make a diaper yourself is with the help of a receiving blanket. You need to get a blanket (preferably made out of 100% cotton to keep your baby healthy and comfortable).

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The blanket should be wrinkle-free when you start folding it. Then fold the blanket in half; then make a triangle out of your square blanket by pulling two top corners to the opposite down corners. Flip it over and pull the top triangle corner to the middle.

Then take another blanket and fold it in two, then make a rectangle out of it. Fold it into a rectangle which will lie in the center of the triangle by folding it over it a few times. Then use the diaper pin to fasten the diaper. There you go!

handmade diaper

There is a number of other instructions on how to make a diaper out of old t-shirts and or regular cotton cloth which require sewing skills. If you are skillful enough, you can find a guide on how to make a diaper out of your old shirt. You might need a printer for that.

You should print the measurement pattern on your printer. Then put it on your cloth and cut it out. You might need to consult some experienced users on how to measure the pattern for your baby or google for resources to do that online.

The measurement pattern can be printed on a regular printing paper with a few colors on your pattern for you to be precise in your calculations. Then trace this pattern onto your shirt (make sure to use colors for this as well not to get confused).

handmade baby diapers

Then pin the shirt in the places where you traced it in order to cut it out through two layers of the shirt. Then you will need a nice soft towel to use as a soaker in a diaper. Make it a rectangle and out it inside of your pattern. Here are tips on the size of soakers:

  • Newborns: 8" by 12".
  • Small: 9" by 14.5".
  • Medium: 9" by 16.5".
  • Large: 10" by 19".

Use the diaper pin again to fasten the diaper on your baby. These steps are very easy and affordable. Spend some time to make them in order to later save money on diapers that can only be used once!


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