How to prevent infertility?

What can you do to pervert infertility? Learn its possible causes, treatment and prevention methods!

How to prevent infertility

Infertility has become a real plague of the modern world. Many families struggle with it. Traditionally in Nigeria women were blamed for being infertile. However, the doctors say many men have no love or active semen to conceive a child. How do you prevent infertility?

What is infertility?

It’s inability to have a child. In men it means their semen is not alive or active enough to reach the egg cell of a female. In women it may be caused by a range of factors. But how do you know you are infertile?

If a lady is under 35 and she has been having unprotected sex for one year, there might be a problem. If a woman is older, than in 6 months you should start seeking medical help. However, that does not mean that the problem is in the woman. It is more than possible that the man is the one to blame for the couple’s infertility, if the lady has sex with one partner only.

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 prevent infertility

How do you prevent infertility?

The methods can be a bit different for men and women. However, some things they have in common. Let’s take a look at the list of them.

  1. Eat and live healthy
    Environmental pollution and toxins in food and drinks can cause infertility. So, try to do your best to avoid these dangers. Often women do get pregnant without even knowing it, but in few days or hours the pregnancy disrupts. Toxins in your body do not let the fertilized cell to get attached and survive.
  2. Get a medical checkup
    One of the common causes of infertility both in men and in women are the sexually transmitted diseases. If left untreated, STDs may rob you of the opportunity to conceive a child. So, get the regular checkups done, especially if you have the active sex life with different partners. And use condoms for protection.
  3. Be a smart consumer
    Unfortunately the food they cell us today may cause infertility, if it contains phthalates. These kill the cell before it gets settled in your body. So, read the label and become a smart consumer.
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  4. Quit smoking or drinking
    Giving up bad habits is essential. You do have to make the choice between life and death. You cannot enjoy the smoke or drinks and hope to be fertile or give birth to a healthy baby. Such habits lead to high risks.

Infertility treatment

But what if that problem is already there? How do you treat infertility? Is there a working solution? Let’s find out.

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The treatment of infertility depends on its causes. For ladies it could be the ovulation problems. Often they get hormonal drugs to bring the levels of them back to normal and restore the cycle. In some cases an operation is needed, such as a tubal one.

In the case, when a man has the problems with his semen, doctors collect it and increase the number of living cells. Then they use the semen to fertilize the woman and have the baby.

As you see, this problem may requites expensive and lengthy treatment. So, you better do all you can to prevent infertility and keep your body healthy.

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