Is polygamy legal in Nigeria?

Is polygamy still accepted in Nigeria? The answer is definitely yes! What is polygamy indeed? Find out everything you wanted to know about polygamy relationship here right now!

polygamy in nigeria

So is polygamy legal? In civil law, Nigeria meets the right of men to have polygamous marriages. These polygamy laws work in such northern states: Gombe, Kaduna, Jigawa, Bauchi, Borno, Kano, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe, Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara). Polygamy marriage is totally equivalent to monogamous marriage there. The reason is that these twelve states still live under Sharia law. It allows men to marry more than one woman. Zamfara had become the first state, which decided to legislate polygamy on 7th of January, 2000. State Gombe legalized polygamy on 14th of December, 2001 and became the last of the 12 Nigerian states which took this law.

The southern Nigeria consists mainly of Christians, so any polygamous marriages are forbidden there. It’s on the national level, because there isn’t any law, which allows polygamy. Nonetheless, all the marriages, which re held in the north of Nigeria, are recognized as totally legal throughout the whole state.  

What is polygamy?

polygamy relationship

Some men can satisfy their male vanity loving one woman, having a free dinner in the evening, walking in clean clothes and tearing their anger and negative energy in her head of his beloved wife.

But another situation happen more often, let's face it: some of the men are burdened even with one wife, not knowing what to do with her and how to get rid of her. On the other hand, modern men are not good Samaritans, conducting his long life in the endless search for his beloved one.

To give wife money for clothes, perfumes, food shopping, hairdressers, doctors, expensive consultants and so on become not easy task for most men.

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Meanwhile, talking of polygamous family today has become so relevant that the question is discussing by leading politicians and sociologists. The traditions, culture, history of country cannot give a certain answer whether it’s good or bad.

The most important argument justifying polygamy relationship was and remains a special position of men compared to a woman. A man is smarter, more handsome, aging much slower than a woman. Then why, in fact, should we allow him to have (in the sense of ownership and possession) several wives at once. On some level it is quite reasonable.

Also there is one more circumstance. Do you remember that there are fewer men than women on our planet? Yes, this is the way it is. In addition, a part of these guys are gays. If the man will take five or six girls as wives, the problem resolves itself.

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Now let’s consider the issue from a scientific, historical point of view, referring to the ancient books and history.

Let's say a few words about polygamy and polyandry. Both of these forms of marriage can only exist as the exceptions – some kind of historical subjects of luxury – except, perhaps, only the simultaneous existence of both of them in a country, which, as we know, does not happen.

Polygamy is a special topic, because different people have different ideas about that. However, there is no doubt polygamy in Africa will exist in future.

On practice

polygamy family

Christians living in some northern area of Nigeria can officially have numerous polygamous marriages as well as all Muslims do. The Anglican Nigerian Church has already condemned polygamy for Christians. However, Nigerian Mormons polygamy happens quite often and is considered to be common.

According to the law, a man can marry not more than four ladies, although there are plenty of cases, when there were violations of this law. For example, Mohammed Bello Masaba had polygamous marriages with 86 women.

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