Nipple pain: how to treat it when breastfeeding?

Can breastfeeding be painful? Learn why women have nipple pain and how to treat it.

nipple pain

Breastfeeding is great and all the health organizations encourage moms to do that. It helps both kids and mothers to stay well, but it also has some side effects. And nipple pain is one of them.

Why you get nipple pain when you breastfeed?

This is the trouble many women deal with, especially those who breastfeed their first babies. The causes can be numerous. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Lack of experience
    If you are a new mother of the firstborn, you have no idea how to do it. If you do not train the baby to suck the milk properly, it can hurt. The baby has to take in only the nipple and the halo around it a bit. If it sucks on the ends of the nipples or gets too much of the breast in, you feel pain. The nipple can crack and get damaged. You may even get the infection in your breasts. So, if you have no experience, consult a more knowledgeable woman.
  • Nipple vasospasm
    This condition may occur if the mother is stressed out or the baby is not positioned at the breast properly. After the feeding the nipples may fade in color or turn blue or reddish. Consult a doctor if you get these symptoms.
  • Fissures
    Gentle nipples may crack from the pressured caused by the baby’s lips and tongue. They cause pain and inflammation.
  • Eczema or psoriasis
    These conditions may also evoke the nipple pain and they require medical treatment.

Nipple pain: how to treat it?

pain in nipples

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Depending on what causes the pain in your nipples, you pick the proper treatment for it.

  • Proper positioning
    Let the baby adjust on their own at your breast. If that does not help, seek the advice of a doctor or an experienced mother to help you with it.
  • Timely feeding
    If the baby gets too hungry, they try satisfy their urge and suck too hard on you. So, watch for the slight signs of hunger and feed the baby to avoid the distress.
  • Nipple shields
    These take time to adjust and learn to use. Both you and the baby have to figure out how to do it, but they protect your nipples and let you avoid the pain.
  • Wait
    Be patient and wait for a short while. Gentle nipples get tuned up and sort of used to breast feeding in a while and the pain stops.
  • Use a special cream
    They sell them in the drug stores. These creams are not dangerous for your baby and they heal up the cracks in the nipples, soften the skin and prevent infection.

As you see, nipple pain is something you can deal with. So pay attention to your body and get the remedies to help it.

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