What do u think about my wife??

My wife and I have been together for over 40 years now. Being with someone for 40 plus years, you tend to fall into a routine and have a really good understanding of that person. My wife is a very power driven person, being an executive at a law firm, her work ethic was expert. I became ill with cancer, leukemia to be exact. I put on a brave face and tried my best to still be the man that I was supposed to be, but all in all, it was taking a toll on me. I had to be hospitalized for about a week at one point, and I thought my wife was doing everything she could, managing me, work and family. Even though I wanted her there, she couldn’t be there all the time and I understood that. When I was released from the hospital I was completely shocked when I came home. During my hospital stay, my wonderful wife had taken a leave of absence from her office and had converted our old den that was rarely used into an at home office, so she could see her clients there, hold video conferences and such. I looked at her and said why did you do this. She smiled really big and said, “Because I love you silly.” Today I am cancer free and I think it’s because of the love and dedication from my amazing wife. I love her.....

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