Positive phrases- 5 top for children

Our kids need love and affirmation to grow up healthy, smart and successful. It’s a shock what your words can do to a child. Read now.

Every parent wants to have happy and healthy kids. However, there are lots of important things, which they need to grow this way. It might surprise you, but positive phrases for children that can be very useful in the upbringing process. We often do not pay attention to what we actually say. However, our little ones are sensitive to words. That’s why it is vital to know and apply positive phrases for children.

positive phrases for children

What babies need for proper development?

As we have mentioned, there are many factors, which have impact on kids’ personality. If you know, what they need most of all, you have all chances not only to bring up kind, gentle, smart, and good kid, but also to build strong relationships with your babies from the earliest age. Thus, let’s observe all the influential factors. Their list includes the following:

positive phrasesLove. This is essential thing for every child. Many people say, if you love your kids, everything will be okay even if you are not very experienced in upbringing.

Care. It does not mean, you should allow everything. It means that children should get everything they need, including food, vitamins, good sleep, your attention to their life and problems, and so on.

Affirmation and encouragement. Unfortunately, lots of parents forget about such important thing. Remember that children need your support in any initiative. They should be praised for good things in order to motivate such behavior in the future. Thus, you form positive attitude towards some important things in life.

positive phrases- 5 top for childrenEducation. It is impossible to grow a clever and intelligent kid without proper education. Sophisticated tutors might help to develop certain skills and abilities. Besides, your little one can find something s/he is good at. Remember that every child is gifted. All you need is to find a particular field.

Communication. You must not ignore you kid, even if s/he shows aggressive behavior. It is vital to talk and discuss all the possible problems. As a good parent, you should form optimistic attitude to life. Power of positive thinking is very strong and may help to solve various problems in life now and in future.

positive phrases- 5 topGood example. Children always try to imitate their parents’ behavior. Thus, if you want your baby to be smart, let him witness you doing smart things. You can, for instance, read a book. If you constantly do it, your kid will do it as well when grows up.

Smart games. You can use a computer or plain games for it. It will provoke the activity of the brain and have positive impact on the development and growth.

I 5 top for childrennspirational quotes. When your kid is old enough to understand you, keep encourage him or her with appropriate words. You may also give wonderful advice with them and develop wisdom.

So, you see that parenting is not an easy job. Plenty of things must be taken into account in upbringing process. However, if you follow tips listed above, you will get striking results very soon.

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Inspirational sayings

Now we can talk about particular phrases that might help your child to trust you and to grow the way you want. They are quite simple, but very effective and beneficial. We offer the following ones:

  1. I am grateful for you. Your child must know, s/he is wanted. Say how you love and appreciate him or her. Don't forget to mention that you are very proud to have such kid. It's important to let a little one know about such things, even if they seem obvious for you.
     i am grateful for you.
  2. How does it make you feel? Such simple question can do a lot for your children. They will learn how to express their feelings and emotions. Besides, they will always be aware that you care of what they experience in different moments of life.
    How does it make you feel
  3. It is a wonderful idea! Sometimes, you may not notice it, but your kid needs your encouragement and affirmation. It is essential to support his or her ideas and initiatives, even if they're sometimes a bit childish or stupid. Children must know you are always on their side. It's necessary to support any decision, even those, which concern clothing or color choice.
    It is a wonderful idea!
  4. You do not have to be perfect to be great. All the kids tend to compare, especially in their adolescence. As an adult, you must explain that everyone has drawbacks, and there are no perfect people in the world. You should show that you appreciate your babies for who they are.
    You do not have to be perfect to be great.
  5. I know you have done your best. Failures happen. They may occur at school or in any other situation. There is nothing terrible in them, and every child must know it. You must explain that bad things happen, and it is not our fault. If you see that your little one is upset, the key thing is to point out, efforts made are much more important than the result. And next time, everything might appear to be better.
    I know you have done your best.

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Mothering is a difficult job. If you want to grow a healthy and smart kid – think of your baby as of a personality. Follow our advice and take all the influential factors of development into account. Thus, your aim will be reached, and your family relations will become much better.


Even if all positive frazionate suddenly fell down from the hands, you need to find the strength to overcome difficult times and the wisdom to look at life a little differently, with humor and confidence rather happy changes.

This will help positive phrases that can change our mood and influence our thoughts, feelings, actions.

Try to repeat optimistic, insightful, and filled with subtle irony sayings of great people – and you feel like your in reality, like a magic mirror, reflects the positive and the humor, and luck. Work like you don't need money,

dance as if nobody sees,

sing as if nobody hears,

love like you've never been hurt,

be surprised, as if born yesterday,

tell the truth and you don't have to remember anything,

talk to God as if he can hear you,

live like it's heaven on earth!

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