Safe period of sex for a menstruation started on 27 october 2016

Menstruation started on 27 october 2016 and it was over by 2 november 2016

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Is pregnancy not included in your plans?

Today, there are many ways in order to avoid unwanted gestation. It can be all kinds of contraceptives in the form of tablets, candles, condoms. In new pharmaceuticals, there is also a version as safe days not to get pregnant. And it's worth noting one of the safest ways to date.

So, how to properly deduct the safe days properly?

We cannot help you because there are more details needed for accurate deduction. It is not enough to know the day of beginning and finishing of menstruation. But you can do it yourself.

We know that if a woman is healthy and does not have any abnormalities, the 14 days after menstruation her ovulation period begins. That is the time when her ovicell is ready for fertilization.

The fact of the correct definition depends on usually not only on which life expectancy of female embryo cells is, but also men`s. For example, the average life of seminal fluid is four days, and the ovum lives only for 24 hours. Thus, using the method of mathematical deduct, experts have concluded that the time lasting from 8 to 17 day of the circle is the most favourable moment or interception. Naturally, the remaining period are good days not to get pregnant.

In addition, you can use another method of determining the safe days measuring of the daily temperature in the straight intensive. However, this procedure should be done at the same time in the morning without getting up from bed. The thermometer should also be the same. It is necessary to exclude possible errors in the event of incorrect temperature measurement. You should record your results in a graph, analyzing which can easily determine when a woman can get pregnant and when no. For example, the time period that coincides with an increase in temperature, which is usually 3 days of fertility. Other days can be called safe.

You can identify good days also by the nature of cervical mucus, which changes constantly throughout the cycle. Before ovulation, the amount of fluid increases dramatically, and it turns into a stretch. But it should immediately be noted that this method can be used only if the woman does not suffer from any inflammatory diseases.

But what you must remember is that all those methods are not a panacea. And they do not give you a 100% guarantee.

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