Twin baby names: 5 best pairs for twin boys and girls in Nigeria

What is the best name for twins? We will help you to find an answer in the article.

It's a common knowledge that people in Africa give special value of name, especially if twins were born. There is no universal rule of choice of names for twins. However, there are several councils which can help you to be defined.

Twin baby names

Twin baby names advices:

  • Some parents prefer to choose names which begin on one letter. The only con of such approach is identical initials, which can cause certain difficulties in the future. That’s why you don't rather seek to give your twins names which begin on the same letter.
  • It is desirable that they were 'equal': approximately identical on length, and also on sounding. Each letter of the name allocates it with certain qualities. In turn, each name has its unique origin: African, Greek, Latin, or Arab. Treat this question carefully, see interpreters of names. It is extremely desirable that names of twins were one origin as the African name not absolutely suits any Greek name.

Twin baby names

  • Before making the choice, surely read its designations. The name is partly a set of qualities with which you allocate the person on all his life. And naturally it is better that the name born a positive power, charged with itself. At all variety of choices of names consider also the fact that the names of twins baby have to be combined with their surname.

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names of twins

  • The birth of two babies is an excellent occasion to support continuity of generations. When one child is born, few parents are ready to call him in honor of some close relative not to offend other part of the family. The birth of two children simplifies this task. It is possible to call boys in honor of grandfathers on both lines, the same as girls in honor of grandmothers.

twin stars names

  • You can also learn some twin stars names and find something that you like. For example, Nigerian twins singers – P-Square (Peter and Paul) or Twin-X (Tywo and Keni).
  • Anyway, choosing names for two people at once, inquire about what names do people to their children in your city, for example. Remember that their further life and even socialization can depend on it seriously.

Twin baby names boy and girl

Twin baby names boy and girl

These are 5 pairs for girls and its meanings:

  • Rema and Boatema. The first one means revolt and the second – bringing strength,
  • Dania (love one another) and Kania (contentment),
  • Jamilah (elegant) and Kamilah (the perfect one),
  • Fola (glory and honor arrive) and Folami (breath with honor),
  • Faa (useful) and Laah (fire).

twins baby 1

And these are 5 best pairs for boys:

  • Khalid (eternal) and Rashid (guided),
  • Basir, which means perspective, and Kadir (capable),
  • Amri and Bwami. Both names mean power,
  • Acolu (success likely with cooperation) and Akonte (I made it),
  • Ukwe (rhythm) and Ekwe (persistence).


I do not know how and who calls her children , but personally I'm against what would be called the kids in honor of grandparents, in general, in honor of loved ones. It's not just what I wanted . Of course, all this superstition , but even my grandmother told me that if the child be named after a relative was still alive , one of wearing a name sure to part with life . This happens because the relatives with the same name for two and one will be for two guardian angel , but it should not be . So, I would not dare .

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