What are maternity leave conditions in Nigeria?

What do you know about maternity leave? How long can you stay at home? Must this period be paid? Find out all the conditions you need to know!

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The chances of a young employee to go on maternity leave in the nearest future are thought over by many employers. It happens at the stage of interviewing, but also in the process of active cooperation. This topic can become a stumbling block. The right to become a mother, which is given women by nature is not always realized without hindrance from the employer's company.

Women in our country, often go through this topic. They think about the most profitable and convenient way not to lose their professional activities and skills giving birth and raising a child. Maternity allowance is extremely important for all the future mothers. Rules about the preparation of the maternity leave prescribed in the legislation. For example, how many days a woman can forget about her difficult professional duties and immerse herself in the joy of motherhood, while remaining one of the staff. However, such an absolutely natural situation often becomes a stumbling block between the employee and her supervisor.

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Mom is interested in the maximum extended leave with the extremely rare memories of her working duties. The employer thinks the opposite - she must be profitable and responsible, for example, executive officer, remaining always ‘in touch’ and performing maximum duties assigned to him. The compromise is very important. Woman and her boss must find comfortable and suitable decision for everyone.

Maternity leave is always called parental or family leave. It is the time when a mom or dad takes time off work (long-term break) for the birth or even adoption of a baby. This is an employee benefit, which is available in almost all world countries. It provides paid long-term time off work for taking care of a child. However, in some countries the maternity leave provides only long-term unpaid time off work. So people save their position at work but get no money. The duration of this leave may be different in different countries, for example in the United Kingdom, parental leave lasts 52 weeks.

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In the United States of America, maternity leave lasts 12 weeks. However, a paternity leave depends on the employer. In Russia the maternity leave lasts 140 days, at the same time there is no paternity leave. Also in South Africa, the maternity leave lasts four months, but as in Russia, paternity leave does not exist.

In Nigeria women also have the right to get a full maternity leave, but as long as she provides a proved written medical certificate from her medical doctor. He must say that she should not or cannot work. Such medical certificate lets any woman not work for about six weeks before the birth of a child and six weeks after that She can also earn at least 50% of her normal salary (as long as a woman was employed for six months). Such woman is also allowed to have two extra thirty-minute breaks (during work) for nursing or breastfeeding her child. Woman must remember that.

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Nigeria is trying to be like any other country. So mothers and their children are very important for the government.

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