What are the benefits of marriage for men?

What about your marital status? Are you married? If not do it as soon as possible. Marriage benefits for men are evident.

marriage benefits
Unmarried men should think about their status and married should be happy. Marriage can be not only pleasant but also useful. So, marriage benefits for men are evident.

Australian scientists guarantee it. They are sure that marriage benefits men. The record number of 135% was announced. According to them, a married man is 135% than unmarried. Scientists themselves find the explanation in more quiet life, and in luckiness that a person feels from his second half.

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High salary

Researchers from  University of Virginia estimates that married men earn 22% more than their unmarried colleagues. Another American study (respondents who, incidentally, were the officers of the fleet) have shown that the presence of a wife is a convincing argument for the boss to move the man up the ladder. A CV will be preferable if it is applied by a married man So: want to make a career - immediately enter into a sham marriage.

marriage benefits

Less problems

The U.S. Department of Justice collected the statistics on street crime. You will be surprised, but the thing is, single men have four times higher chance of being victims of murder, robbery, and rape.  Married man are not appealing to criminals. Perhaps they are afraid of retribution. A man who is ready for marriage should know this fact.

man marriage

Regular sex

In 2006, British researchers conducted a survey of men from 38 countries. Data is everywhere the same: all around the world married men have more sex then single men. About the quality of sex, the British are silent, but we know that in skilled hands any woman instantly comes to happiness.

me benefits

Life without bad habits

A happy marriage also helps to protect you from alcohol and nicotine dependence. The American center for control and prevention of diseases has made such conclusions: men-alcoholics and smokers are more likely to be unmarried.

marriage benefits

Less chance of getting cancer

Men's health benefits of marriage are out of any argument. Another quite important plus of marriage. The divorced and single men die from cancer, respectively, in 11 and 16 times more than married.  Norwegian scientists proved the fact in 2007. And in general, the life expectancy of those living in wedlock is quite long, the experts at the University of California studied this problem for eight years. And finally, they concluded that unmarried men have a greater probability of dying during  (approximately 88%).

men benefits of marriage

No heart problems

As it turns out, the marriage has only pros for your health - but only happy marriage. Scientists from Utah (USA) found that people who married for love had perfect blood pressure. And vice versa, the worst results displayed couples who were unhappy in marriage.

Try to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Get married in time and get rid of problems.

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