What does it mean to be a good wife?

Do you like being a wife? Do you think you can be the best of them? 

What does it mean to be a good wife?

Share your tips on how to be a good wife in Nigeria, what to cook and how to behave with a man. 

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To my mind that different people have different tastes, so it is impossible to say something exactly. Although there are some general tips and wishes towards an image of a great wife. First of all, the woman should understand ans support her husband. If he is tired - not to ask some unuseful questions and talk about nothing. Sometimes she should prepair some special and favourite dishes to her man. And she should understand, that the man sometimes needs to have his own space - just stop to controll him at least for a couple of hours, and he would appresiate it a lot!

Answered 2 years ago.
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