What Happens After The White Wedding?

How do you pack in to your husband's house?When is the bride price paid?

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Before the wedding proper, a lot of brides-to-be would have been 'stylishly' (over a period of time)moving their stuffs into their husbands house, so for most people by the time they get married all the stuff is already there. And when your in-laws come for you after the wedding, you go with nothing, or maybe the remaining of your stuff. I've seen brides leave for their husband's house from the wedding reception. The bride price in some places in yorubaland is paid during the traditional engagement ceremony. Some families do not accept bride price for their daughters.


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  are you the first to get married in your family? if yes, i am sure your mum can educate you better!


u mean how kanu nwankwo's wife packed out from her fathers house to kanu's right?


When and How the Bride Price is Paid.

1) Your soon to be husband sees you.

2) He assesses you and puts figure on what you are worth. Some men try to lowball you, that’s why it’s good to have a good negotiator on your side of the family.

3) He sends word to your family that he is interested and they set up a meeting day.

4) On the meeting, day you stand in the middle of the room. . . Unclad, so they can see what they want to pay for.

5) Negotiation starts, your family tries to talk up your best assets like “Look at wide back, she can carry 3 babies on it” or “look at her long limbs, make it easier for her to sweep very fast”

6) The husband’s family tries to talk down those assets by saying something like “Her wide back is not useful, we have baby pram” or “No need for sweeping, there is vacuum cleaner”.

7) They haggle for a while and when they reach a price they both like, the husband’s accountant cuts a check and flings it at your parent’s feet.

8 ) As soon as your father picks up the check, you fall to your feet and start thanking God that you have been successfully sold.

9) You are no longer you parent’s, now you have a new owner so you have to take a oath to always obey him.

10) As soon as the oath is taken, you can now go put on something to cover yourself and get ready to pack to your husband’s house.

How to pack to your husband’s house.

1) Buy a portmonto.

2) Open portmonto

3) Clean portmonto, in case there are insects.

4) Pack shirts first

5) Then skirts

6) Drape dresses across the other outfits.

7) Clean your shoes, put them in a nylon bag and put it on top of the clothes.

8 ) Put underwear, bra, scarves and shimmy in the side of your portmonto.

9) Close portmonto

10) Ask someone to help you put it on your head and viola! You are packed for your husband’s house.

For more information, check out www.modernslavery.com/how_to_buy_a_slave_wife?action=1

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