What is child abuse and neglect in Nigeria?

What is family violence? What types of it do exist? Read the facts about Nigerian children problems.

Family violence is one of the most widespread problems in Nigeria. It includes many types and is hard to be prevented. Let’s learn more about it.

The main reasons for child abuse in Nigeria have social character. Especially it concerns physical and sexual types of family violence, which can be met most often.

What is child abuse

Widespread factors of child neglect

  • Incomplete or needy families;
  • Families, in which one of parents isn't child blood relative (stepfather or stepmother);
  • Parents have no constant place of work nor stable income;

child neglect

  • Criminal past of parents or other adult family members;
  • Alcoholic or drug addiction at one or both parents;

abusing children

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  • Low educational level and cultures in family;
  • Mental, intellectual or physical deviations of abusing children.

outcast child

Families, at which there are several factors at once, get to group of increased risk and it occurs often: it is difficult to find family of alcoholics or addicts possessing stable earnings and high moral foundations.

But, unfortunately, external wellbeing not always is a guarantee of respect to child in a family. Quite educated people also show violence, especially psychological, to their children. What is the most regrettable is that they don't see anything bad or unnatural in it.

family violence

Types of child abuse in family

  • Physical abuse. Beating, bodily injury, any other physical impact on child, and also intended deprivation of food, water and an opportunity to do natural needs, other mockeries and tortures — all this is qualified as physical violence, irrespective of difficulty of consequences;
  • Sexual abuse. It is harassments having sexual background, involvement of outcast child in actions of corresponding character, demonstration of genitals or any pornographic contents (illustrations, books, movies, videos). Any child has total sexual integrity. Therefore consent to participation in such actions doesn't mean absence of violent component. Due to age and features of mentality, children and teenagers aren't capable to realize inadmissibility of such behavior in relation to them, and also degree of the harm.

Types of child abuse

  • Emotional abuse. These are threats, blackmail, insult and rough criticism, demonstration of neglect to child, his or her needs and interests.

Despite seeming insignificance of consequences of emotional violence in comparison with physical or sexual, result of psychological influence is formation of negative traits of character and difficulties in socialization.

How to prevent child abuse in Nigeria?

How to prevent child abuse in Nigeria

Work of Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development, UNICEF and other social workers is directed to elimination of cruelty to children. First of all, their actions include:

  • Identification of dysfunctional families and families with low income level;
  • Carrying out preventive conversations with parents;
  • Help in employment to representatives of poor families.

abusing children 1


Despite a set of ways to prevent child violence, it remains a global problem for the country. Family cruelty is a serious threat for future of younger generation of Nigeria, against which it is necessary to fight.


I even could not imagine that Nigeria is the case with domestic violence. Of course, a large imprint on all this imposes no work with parents. Accordingly, they are evil, start using drugs or alcohol. His anger parents poured into innocent children or wives. Of course other factors also must be considered, but I think that this is one of the main. I wonder how in Nigeria are struggling with this issue, whether social services or similar organizations work? I would like to see children grow up normal, and not to repeat the mistakes of their parents in the future.

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