What is the richest family in the world?

What family is the richest in the world ever? What tips can they give us? How much money did they make in general? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about Rothschild family here!

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Rothschild is the richest family in the world ever. During the last century this name was synonymous with wealth, success, luxury and prestige. All the XIX century was marked by the influence of the Rothschild financial empire, and only at the end of it, new financial giants appeared. They became serious competitors for them. Rothschild family today is still the only one of its kind!

Richest family in the world. Rothschild

richest family

Nowadays, large fortunes are earned quickly. Bill Gates - the richest man in the world – has made a fortune in a few years, creating the world's largest company Microsoft. Harry Uinstock counted his first billion in just a few months after the founding of the company ‘Global Crossing’, which built fiber-optic networks. The gaining capital for the first millionaires of the XIX century was not as fast, but they have often done the dizzying combination.

Until now, much of the fate of the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt seems fantastic and mysterious. Once Heine, paraphrasing the Qur'an, said: ‘Money is the God of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet’. Indeed, instead of saying ‘rich as Croesus’ in Europe XIX century people were saying ‘rich as Rothschild’. A new wave of entrepreneurs somehow pushed the old dynasty of billionaires out, but even according to rough estimates, their capital was estimated as more than $ 15 billion in 2002.

richest family in the world ever

How much money the clan has in the assets, no one knows for sure. In order not to let information and capital scatter, Rothschild has been practicing family marriages for two hundred years. Every second wedding in their dynasty is related, but why does it not lead to degeneration? The British branch of the dynasty owns mining monopolies in South Africa, the largest companies in the oil industry and nonferrous metallurgy.

 One of the most powerful banks in the world is the bank ‘Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Sons’, with headquarters in London - soon it will celebrate its 200th anniversary. Financial core of French branch is holding company ‘Societe denvestisman du Nord’ and the bank ‘Rothschild and K’. In addition, the family owns hundreds of companies and mediocre trusts. In the XIX century, people said: ‘In a world there are six great empires: the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Austria-Hungary, Prussia and the Rothschilds’. Today only the last of them exists. Rothschild, unlike Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, earned billions slowly, with the formula of their success, which did not change much over the centuries.

Family Rothschild

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Family Rothschild is currently considered the richest one in the world. It is believed that their assets are, at least $350 billion. The exact number is difficult to determine because of the multiplicity of their holdings, but no doubt they are the most powerful family in the world. It is believed that they control assets of over $1 trillion. And that’s only in the real estate and banking sector.

During more than two and a half centuries the Rothschild banking skills are known to mankind. It began since their activity in the world of financial business. The members of the famous clan live on all five continents and maintain their relationships. Probably no one else, except the Rothschilds, could name the total amount of money they own, although it is known that it is a fantastic number. But what is the secret of success of the Rothschilds?

rich family Rothschild

Free city Frankfurt, located in the center of bustling trade in the early Middle Ages, attracted Jews. During the last millennium there were successful trades and financial transactions. In Frankfurt, there were 35 thousand people, one-tenth of them were Jews before the French Revolution. In 1462 there appeared a special district, known as Jewish.

It is the place, where the legendary dynasty comes from. For the centuries the ancestors of the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, Mayer Rothschild, lived in one of these narrow ghetto, only 12 meters wide, ‘squeezed, as in a cage’, between the city wall and moat, in a squalid house on the partitioned on both sides of the Judengasse (Jewish street), near the stairwell where the entry and exit were chained and there was guard.

old Rothschild

The combined wealth of the clan in the 70s of the XIX century was estimated at nearly $ 1 billion. A fantastic number. No major project was performed without the Rothschilds. Their money helped the reconnaissance of diamond mines in South Africa, financed the construction of railways in Europe, buying up lands for the construction of the Suez Canal, bought crude oil produced in Russia. All the world repeatedly asked for help the all-powerful Rothschild empire.

A lot of researchers note that all the wills of barons had teachings, vows, mysticism and mystery. ‘"I categorically and in the strongest terms forbid holding judicial or public inventory of my inheritance, any judicial intervention, and any disclosure of the status of my size’. This sentence was written in the will of the French millionaire Anselm de Rothschild. ‘... I never forget that humility leads to wealth’ - this phrase was left to posterity by Amschel, the eldest son of the founder of the dynasty, who died as the rank of Privy Prussian Councillor, court banker, financial advisor of the Elector of Hesse, Privy Councilor of the Grand Duke of Hesse, Bavaria Royal Consul and a knight of the highest awards. Rothschilds were famous as the family with the strong collective - their family almost did not have renegades, and each new generation only multiplied the wealth of the clan.

lord Rothschild

In the late XIX century Lionel de Rothschild was the financial representative of the Russian government in London for many years, and his son led the major exchanges. Edmond de Rothschild contributed to the nationalization of the French railroads. In 1913, the largest transnational Trust ‘Royal Dutch Shell’, controlled by clan, got seven huge companies in Baku and three in the North Caucasus, which exceeded the indicators of the main competitors of Rothschild - Nobel and Rockefeller.

In the twentieth century, despite two world wars, the confiscation of many possessions, and high taxes on inheritance, the Rothschild empire wasn’t lost and it was still considered as one of the largest in the modern financial world. The State of Israel and its appearance on the map happenned largely due to the family of the Rothschilds; most of the settlements, based on the territory of Mandatory Palestine, were built on the money of the Rothschilds.

house of the Rothschild

In the history of the banking the house of Rothschild came not only as the most famous, but also as the largest private banking house, which was ever known by the world. This shows the amount of loans provided by the state. For a hundred years, from 1804 to 1904 on loans alone, they earned 1.3 billion pounds, according to the former German monetary system; it is around 70 billion German marks. So far, no European, and no American private bank has not reached the level of the Rothschild house on their financial capabilities yet - and is unlikely to already be able to do this in this time of globalization and transnational capital.

A lot of people associate the name Rothschild with the concept of ‘money’. This is certainly true, as the Rothschilds were primarily bankers, amounting to a huge state and sought to ensure that it was constantly increasing. But the latest research has shown that they were also politicians, who have repeatedly and decisively influencing the policies of various countries, Europe as a whole, however, always according to their interests and in the interests of their millions.

the Rothschild home

To show the political influence of their loans, we should again take a look at some examples. Financing of the wars against Napoleon I led to his overthrow. Getting reparations (payments from the loser state) after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 in the short term and a transfer at the time of a huge amount of money – about 5 billion francs without shocking the international exchange rate, was not only the high-end financial transaction, but it also led to premature release of occupied French territories, which largely contributed to the strengthening of self-esteem of the French.

Only the banking house of Rothschild was able (in a few hours) to give at the disposal of the British Prime Minister Disraeli 240 million marks in cash at 3% for the acquisition of shares in the Suez Canal. What was the political significance of this transaction? The modern big politics answers. The acquisition of monopoly on the extraction of mercury in Europe, became possible by renting mines in Almaden while providing an appropriate loan, strengthened the liberal regime of Queen Spain, Christina. It is this proof that the Rothschilds were able to combine the political aspect of loans with economic benefits of their banking house.

Rothschild dynasty

Nowadays Austrian Credit Bureau of Trade and Industry reminds about the Rothschilds as the founders of the banks. It has managed to survive all the crises, even the crisis of 1931, and is still considered as the largest bank of the Federal Republic of Austria.

Borrowing policy was used by the Rothschilds in order to support their co-religionists, promoting their emancipation in Germany, Austria, Italy and England. One of the brothers was the first Jew in the British House of Commons, the other, become the first Jewish Lord, went to the House of Lords. The Rothschilds were the first Jews in the upper house of parliament in Vienna and Berlin. ‘The five from Frankfurt’, as prominent representatives of the Jews, got a treatment of the British Foreign Minister Balfour on November 2, 1917. There was about the establishment of a national homeland in Palestine.

Rothschild dynasty

Sometimes Rothschilds are blamed that they did not donate a lot of millions to charity, especially for the Jews. No major institution is associated with their name, like, for example Carnegie name, Rockefeller, Ford, and more recently Thyssens family; they have not carried out any major public events such as Krupp and Fugger. But in fact, the Rothschilds have donated millions to charity, especially to Vienna and Paris. Only the establishment of settlements in Palestine made them provide 70 million francs in gold, which was reminiscent in the street names of the cities of Israel. In their hometown of Frankfurt, even today, there are three charitable institutions based by the members of the Rothschild dynasty.

Rothschild gold

At the end of the story Mayer Amschel Rothschild can get the characterization, which he has got by a publicist and writer Ludwig Berne. He was also a descendant of the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt and personally knew the famous founder of the banking house.

‘Senior Rothschild was a pious man, self-piety and kindness. He had a kind face with a pointed beard, on his head he wore a three-cornered hat, his clothes were more than modest, almost pathetic. And when he walked in Frankfurt, he was always surrounded by a whole entourage of beggars. He gave them alms or good advice. If you met a crowd of beggars with happy and calm faces, it was already known that there had recently been a senior Rothschild. Once, when I was still a little boy, my father and I went on a Friday night to the Jewish district and met Rothschild, who had just came out from the synagogue. I remember that, after talking with my father, he told me a few kind words, and then put his hand on my head as if to bless me’.

a lot of cash

After the death of Mayer Amschel in 1812, his total capital was estimated at 150-200 million gold francs, which was twice more than assets of the Bank of France. When the sons of Mayer Amschel Rothschild dispersed all over Europe, they did not cease their cooperation. By creating a common communication system - courier, they received the news of the major political events and any exchange shocks before anyone else. Rothschilds’ ability to gather the information quickly, and if it was necessary -  to spread misinformation, played a big role in the history of the house, which was closely intertwined with the history of Europe. All the children did not only preserve the family capital, but multiplied it.

The Rothschild brothers were involved in a lot of global activities of the XIX century. They financed the construction of railways throughout Europe, the purchase of the Suez Canal by Britain, oil exploration in Russia and the Sahara, supported the diamond companies in the world. They gave money to the Russian tsars, financed the Habsburgs and provided loans to the Pope, saving the Papal States from bankruptcy. In the XIX century, five brothers had already given loans to almost all countries.

Rothschild property

By the end of XX century the main branch of the dynasty was located in France, England and Switzerland. In the mid 90s the mutual capital of the descendants of Rothschild was estimated at about 9 billion pounds. The center of their business activity remains the bank ‘N. M. Rothschild & Sons’ in London, which is more than 190 years old. That was the last private Bank of England, which was under the complete control of one family. There are also valid bank ‘Rothschild and K’ in Paris, financial company in Geneva and ‘Rothschild Bank’ in Zurich.

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