What Muslims look for in a good wife?

Why Muslim men marry women? Learn the 5 characteristics they look for in a good wife.

What look for in a good wife

The Western world has largely romanticized marriage. Young people mostly get married because of the fall in love with each other. That’s touching and romantic, but that’s also why so many marriages fall apart. Love goes away, and people realize: they have nothing to love for together. So, what do Muslim men want in a wife?

A good wife brings a Muslim man these 5 things:

1.    Status

It’s about her family. They want the woman to be from a reputable and influential family. It may help her husband’s career in politics or business. She must come from an excellent lineage, too. This proves she has high morals and right ethics for her man.

2.    Wealth

Surely a man would not marry just for money, but young people are advised to marry equally. Which means their wives should come from the same background and level of income, as they are. It helps the family to avoid any financial struggles that put marriage under much pressure.

good wife?

3.    Godliness

Surely they want the sexual purity and sharing their religion. Some men want their women to dress accordingly to their religion or behave in certain ways. It’s important to have similar beliefs in the family to avoid struggles.

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4.    Beauty

Surely no man wants to marry an ugly woman. The man has to be attracted to her both physically and emotionally. Her inner beauty is as important as the outer one.

Muslims wife?

5.    Zest

Being submissive is good, but a woman has to have her character and drive in life. This would not let her husband get bored with her. Her temperament should match his well.

These five things Muslim men look for in good wives. And if one marries the woman who has them all, their union has high chances to be successful.

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