What things should we consider before delivering a baby?

You have only nine months to learn to be the parents. Here are ten facts, that you should know before delivery of the baby. Read an article to discover them.

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Maybe you're planning your pregnancy, or maybe you already have the cherished two lines on your test. Anyway, all these facts will be very helpful for you and your soulmate. There are some things you haven't had to think about before, but you totally must learn it now, before delivery of the baby. 

  1. Your life will be changed since the first day you find out you're pregnant. It doesn't matter how you lived before. Of course, if your pregnancy is an event planned long ago, then you eat only healthy food, take all necessary vitamins, do yoga, etc. But often the pregnancy may be unexpectable (but not unwanted) happening. You could have been a smoker before. You could have been a fan of wine and cocktails. Whatever, stop feel guilty! What happens before pregnancy, stays before pregnancy. Give yourself a clean slate now. You're not only going to give birth to the new person, but you yourself are also a new person now. So enjoy it and use it as a chance to make your life better. 

  2. The advices of other moms may confuse you and even harm you (at least, your mind health). The first thing you should do after seeing two lines on your pregnancy test is to turn off Google and Yahoo. Really. The experience of others won't be helpful, it will only make you feel uncomfortable and will give you a sense of uneasiness. Pay attention, that most of all people (and especially future moms) share their negative experience, forgetting of primary balance with something good. It's the specialty of humankind, so, please, stop surfing the web. They can't know what breastfeed position will be the best for you and your baby, and they can't prescribe you the medications they took during their pregnancy. It's very specific materials, so don't trust them to someone you don't even know. If you feel sick, go to a doctor. If you feel anxiety or worry, talk to your partner, your friends or your family. If you want to read some horrors, buy a new novel by Stephen King.
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  3. Whole your world revolves around babies and pregnancy. What is the best subject of conversation for pregnant or just delivered a baby woman? Right, pregnancy and babies. You will find out that there are about ten kinds of female secretions, fifty shades of your mood during the day and only two comfortable positions for sleeping. And even both of these poses aren't comfortable enough at your last weeks of pregnancy.

  4. You should have appreciated your personal time more. With a delivery of the baby, you don't have enough time for yourself. Shaving legs, applying masks, taking sunbathes, even regular sex are an unaffordable luxury in the first months after giving birth. Appreciate all these small, but so important things while you can. Later you will miss it.
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  5. You are the best mom for your kids. Before delivery and after it there will be a lot of moments when you will feel yourself, improper mom. It's the straight way to become a fanatical mother who stifles her child in her arms all her life, inflicting moral damage to herself and her kids. Surely, you don't want it. So just remember that your child chooses you as a mother, what means that you're not that bad. Sometimes the stories of other moms will make you feel insecure of your maternity power. But it's the same thing that googling is. Don't substitute your own experience with the experience of others. 

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  6. This is your first baby. First baby: the parents wash, iron, clean, keeping everything sterile. Second baby: the parents wash, sometimes they iron trying to watch kids not to eat from a cat's bowl. Third baby: if a child eats from cat's bowl, it's the problem of a cat. It means, taking a good care is an important part of your parent job, but an excessive fear won't help you to raise the mentally healthy person. Just call to your mind what your childhood was like? Did you live in a sterile cage or did you explore this world in all possible ways? Think about it and try to decide what's better for your baby. 
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  7. You knew nothing about pregnancy and delivery. Earlier the birth of baby seemed to you cute event. Very cute. But now you understand what kind of large work are behind of both of these processes – pregnancy and delivery. Now you are more respectful to other mothers and particularly to your own mom. It's the feeling familiar only to women.  

  8. You should have slept more.  During pregnancy, a lot of women have this sleepy feeling. Like you can spend hours, days and weeks in your bed. So do it while you can. You will miss your pillow the first year of your baby's life. Try to stock up with the sleep for the year ahead. Believe, it's the best advice for future parents. By the way, mom's schedule during pregnancy defines baby's schedule after birth. So if you sleep less than 8 hours per night you risk to get a nervous unquiet kid who won't give you a chance to rest at all. Save your time and nerves now. 
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  9. Everything's expensive. They do business on moms and babies; it's the truth. Everything is more expensive for the women carrying the children. Pregnancy vitamins, medications, and analysis, clothes and cosmetics cost more than the usual stuff. Besides, baby's things aren't cheaper. For sure, you will look for more affordable options, but cheaper doesn't mean better, so if you have an opportunity to make some savings, start to do it right now. 

  10. The Happy end is only a beginning. Delivery is only a beginning. You may be afraid of it, but this pain you will forget in few weeks and months. And when you hold your baby in your arms it looks like the beast Hollywood happy-end ever. Well, fortunately, it's not. You have a lot of happy, sometimes not easy, years ahead of you. The children are a gift of fate despite the fact that you don't believe it in some very moments. But so many women who can't have babies envy you and wish to be at your place. 

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