What types of mothers' behavior are truly crazy?

How to become a good mother? What are the best qualities? Read the article to find out, which behavior is better to avoid.

Almost every girl desires to become a mother and to give life to a baby. However, not all of the women are capable of being really good moms. There exist lots of crazy baby mothers, whose behavior is not only strange, but also disgusting.

crazy mother nature

Features of a good mother

It is not usually a problem to understand, whether a girl is or will be a nice or awful mom. Let’s look at the characteristics, which have positive influence on women making them ready for such a role:

  • Care. If you see a woman taking care of a kid or people around, it is a good sign. A child should never be abandoned. For a nice mom, a baby is always a priority, never mind how tired she is.
  • Fun. If a girl is trying to be a friend for a child and to wake up a kid inside her, this is just marvelous! Both of them should enjoy the time spent together.
  • Affection. The most important thing is to love a baby. Mother is the whole world for a kid. You know that every adult needs to be loved. And remember that a baby requires it 10 times more. Look at your son or daughter. Do they show any kind of misbehavior? They probably just try to draw your attention.

 crazy baby mothers

  • Not overbearing. Everything is good to a certain extent. Love and care of the kids, but do not suppress them with your affection. Your little ones are personalities; they need space as any other people. If you keep walking around them all the time, you have a risk to become an embarrassing mother.
  • Authority. Despite your close relations with the children, they must understand that there are rules set by you. Any child should respect his or her parents.
  • Acceptance. Kids do not always do what we want from them. But as parents, we must respect and accept their choices and decisions. Do not hurry to reprimand them, when you disagree.
  • Listening. A good mom is always ready to listen and to understand the problems of her child. Even if they seem unimportant, show your concern.

mother goes crazy

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What makes a mother bad?

Along with those positive qualities, there are characteristics, which prove that the mom is not that great:

  1. Self-destructive. If a woman cannot take care of herself, she will hardly do this for her baby. She might drive too fast or eat too much, etc.
  2. Materialistic. Having children has nothing to do with financial welfare. She must be able to bring up her kids and to give them good and wise lessons. If a girl thinks only about money, she will not be able to do such things.
  3. Selfish. To have a baby means to forget about yourself, your desires and even necessities. Self-centered woman is unable to do it.
  4. Impatient. All the kids are different. They cry a lot, they might misbehave and do stupid things. If a woman does not have enough patience, she may even hurt her child or get depressed herself.mother goes crazy1
  5. Violent. This feature makes motherhood impossible. If she is rude and violent with people around, it is terrible to imagine, what such a girl might do to a baby.

You can discover crazy mother nature from the very beginning. But there are cases, when it has not been done and children has suffered. Let’s look at the most disgusting types of moms’ behavior:

  • Drunks. Have you seen any children proud of their alcoholic mothers or fathers? It is doubtful. Some of the kids choose to run away from such parents.

crazy mother nature1

  • Intervening. Even if their sons and daughters have already grown up, some parents still try to control them, to make the decisions for them and interfere their personal life. This is a wrong way to express their love.
  • Irresponsibility. The most terrible thing is to leave your little one. Men have a great disguise for moms, who give their toddlers for adoption or leave them in maternity hospitals just because they are not ready or do not have an opportunity to bring them up right now.
  • Flirty. Children start thinking the mother goes crazy, if she dates with the friend of her kids or males of the same age. Such females keep changing sexual partners and bring them home. Even if a daughter can be able to understand such behavior, she son will definitely feel ashamed.

Unfortunately, there are still many bad mothers everywhere. But we hope that good ones are more numerous. Consider the feature and try to avoid negative ones. Develop the best qualities and become another wonderful mom.

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