When is Mothers Day

Do you want to know when Mother's Day is celebrated in Nigeria and other countries? You can find out here!

Mother plays perhaps the most important role in the life of any person. Therefore, Mother's Day is celebrated around the world.

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We are born thanks to our mother and her love and care protect us from anything in the world. Being a mother is a really hard work. After all, she has a great responsibility for the life of the human being on her shoulders. And it's not only the constant concern to provide the nutrition, clothing and housing for the child.

Mom teaches her baby to distinguish good from bad, shares knowledge, experiences, history of their family traditions and teaches how to communicate with others. The mother is a person who can be always trusted. She is a friend, a helper and a teacher.

Celebration of the Mother's Day has a long history. For example, from the XVII to XIX century the UK celebrated the so-called "Mothering Sunday" - the second Sunday of Lent. This day they were celebrating the importance of mothers.

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In 1907, an American woman Anna Jarvis, took the initiative of honouring the mothers in the memory of her mother. Anna wrote a letter to the government agencies, legislative bodies and eminent persons with a suggestion to make a special day for honouring mothers every year.

In 1910 Virginia first recognized Mother's Day as an official holiday. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as a national holiday in honour of all American mothers.

 On the second Sunday of May Mother's Day is celebrated in Ukraine, India, Bahrain, Pakistan, Australia, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil and other countries. In Egypt, Mother's Day is on the 21 March, Greece - On May 9, Philippines - May 10.

Mother's Day is celebrated in Nigeria on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In 2016, the holiday was on March 6. In 2017, Nigerians will congratulate their mothers March 26.


Mother's Day marked the beginning to a lot of holiday traditions. For example, in Australia, the government decided to congratulate the lonely and forgotten mothers. It was in 1924, the initiative wad offered by Janet Hayden. This day is included in the calendar of the Catholic holidays in Brazil.

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Canadians just give small gifts and women always receive flowers from the family members. Mothers go out for dinner on the second Sunday in May in Malta and women in New Zealand have breakfast in bed. In the United States and Australia, there is a tradition to wear the clothes with the carnation flower that day. And the color is very important. Pink says that the person’s mother is alive, and white flowers pinned to your clothing means your mother is gone but you still love her and remember her.


 In China they have a special ceremony for mothers. They receive plenty of treats. In Brazil it is mainly a family holiday. They have kindergartens and schools concerts dedicated to this holiday. The tradition of honoring mothers in Germany dates back to the Middle Ages. They used to give tribute to the parents and especially mothers in spring.

People in Nigeria also want to please their mothers with gifts. And when you choose the gift you should take into account the tastes, interests and the age of the mother. Someone will be happy with a beautiful jewellery or perfume, someone might want a ticket to the cinema, and some other women will be grateful to get their favorite box of chocolates or a cake.

If you’re not sure, the best gift would be a certificate that allows your mom to choose herself what she likes. The little child can obviously bring a drawing or something made with their own hands. But the important thing to note is that kind words should be said to your mother not only in a holiday but also every day of her life!

In addition to the Mother's Day in Nigeria there is also Father's Day. In 2016 it will be celebrated on June 19.


Every year, I congratulate his mother on a holiday - Mother's Day. I believe that every child should do it at least because thanks to the woman who gave him life. I will always be grateful to my mother for what brought me worthy of man in society. What gave precious minutes of your spare time, take care of me worried all night spent in my bed when I was sick. Thank you so much for her love and affection. Appreciate their mothers, because only they will be able to give wise advice, support and help. Interesting for me was the fact that in Nigeria still have a day and a father. Incidentally this is also correct, as well as fathers and mothers give us much.

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