Who is the best parent...the father or the mother?

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Many mothers sitting at home with the kids, I think, because it consciously chose the role of full-time nanny for their baby, only they can do correctly. They believe child care is a whole art and want to be considered real experts in this matter. When their husbands cannot achieve the same mastery in just a few hours of practice, these women feel threatened — after all, it may be that to stay home with the baby is not that important and honorable work.

Of course, it is important and honorable. You are close all day with the baby. Do you know better how to care for it. Father, too, can skillfully care for the baby, but it you provide day after day the child all necessary. Sometimes it is your constant presence near the baby allows a spouse to succeed than you fail. You for child — familiar, familiar object world, when a father brings with it something new, unfamiliar, distracting attention to themselves.

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