Who Needs Marital / Relationship Advice?

Ask away, lets see if we can not put our heads together and find a solution.


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I need a only relatinship advice, but it will be a man.


To all the posters that are just not co-operating well, ,

Anyways, Mukina, sup gurl? Been so long since i seen you. I seen you posts are like 19 k gurl!

Married people cheating?

Well, people marry too early, societal pressures, pressures from the husband to be or wife,

fornication - therefore pregnancies causing people to jump in because "they will look bad".

Sometimes women are just crazy, a guy cheats on you as a boyfriend, and then you expect

him to change his spots when he marries you - you knew what you was committing to.

Some people hold on to a very very bad marriage, when maybe the man wants out, or the

woman wants out,

Its not always true, but a person who cheats is subconsciously saying "i want out".

Not always truue but can very very well apply.


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