why are some kids so scared of their Parent?

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It seems to me that almost everyone is familiar heavy feeling from childhood, haunting all my life – fear. But why did it provoke exactly the closest people?

First and foremost, children are afraid to be punished - not only with the infliction of physical pain, but also psychologically: in the course are the screams, scandals, threats, accusations, blackmail. Deprived of financial independence, the child is forced to obey parental will against their own wishes and beliefs, just in order not to remain without means of subsistence. Misbehave? Pocket money will be no more, as TV, computer, and other entertainment! Familiar tactics? Very quickly develop a particular pattern of behavior, when they realize that to defy parental will "more expensive", and do so, as required by the senior. Another important aspect is the lack of experience in conflict resolution.

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