Why don't men help with women's household duties?

What are the main duties of women around the house? Can males fulfil them as well? Read and learn why guys never do such a job.

Modern women have the same number of chores at home that they have had in the past. Probably, there are even more of them now. As lots of them have jobs, such duties are quite hard to fulfil alone. However, you can hardly find any men helping their wives around the house. The recent statistics shows some shifts to the positive direction in this issue, but for certain, males are still confused about such task.

household duties

Household duties

It is extremely difficult to be a housewife today. There are plenty of things to do. Let’s consider the list of the most important chores:

  • cooking meals,
  • cleaning flat or house (including dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, floor managing, etc.),
  • washing up,
  • doing laundry and ironing,
  • watering plants and taking care of a garden (if there is one),
  • taking the trash out,
  • washing windows,
  • feeding, teaching and looking after kids and pets (if there are).

The list includes only some part of the duties. There might be more of them. Besides, there are those, which are fulfilled weekly or even monthly, while others must be done every single day.

Are men good household helpers?

According to the recent researches, only 60% of males actually help women in the house. What is more, it is more often men with lower incomes. The rich ones, in their turn, prefer to hire a housekeeper for this purpose.

household helpers

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There are various reasons why men do not give a hand with such a difficult task as keeping the house clean. Let’s look at the most common ones:

  • They were not taught to do it. Many of them say that their fathers have never done this too. So, why should they? It is on the subconscious level of their mind. Opposed to such guys, those males, who have seen their dads helping around the house, will do such things for their wives as well.
  • They think they are working hard. The majority of boys are sure that they do enough by working and earning money for the family. They do not think that their ladies also work and do all the household chores as well!
  • They are not good at cleaning and cooking. This is wrong point of view. The truth is that great number of women is certain about it, but males are actually wonderful cooks. They are also able to keep the flat clean if you give them a try.

men helping

  • Men are not interested and so not get any satisfaction from such duties. Well, it is partially true. But it is doubtful that any guy will like the mess around him for all his life. It is possible that some of them will like the result of their efforts.

Another reason is deep in women’s mind. The majority of females will never let their other halves to do household duties. They are completely sure that men are not able to do it genetically.

household duties1

The situation is unlikely to change in the nearest future, as there are strong stereotypes about it exist. Until the issue with the housework is resolved, there will never be complete equality of genders in the world. To reach this goal, both genders need to accept that each of them is capable of fulfilling such chores. Nevertheless, many people keep working in this direction and we hope that someday everything will be different.

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