Will the story of Ese Oruru have happy end?

What age is suitable for girls to get married in Nigeria? This girl was forced to marriage at just 14 years of age. Learn her story.

You have probably heard the story about Ese Rita Oruru – a teenage girl, who's been abducted from her parents. What is background of this story? Who’s guilty? And have they managed to rescue a girl? Let’s find out.

the story of Ese Oruru

Background of the Ese Oruru story of abduction 

Everyone wants to know, how is has happened and who is responsible for abduction. First of all, let’s say some words about the girl. Ese Rita Oruru was 13 years old, when she was kidnapped (currently 14). As her father (Charles Oruru) says, she decided to visit one of her school friends on that day. However, she did not come back home. Her mother (who works as a vendor) was told that their daughter was taken away by Mr. Yinusa. He brought her to Kano state to convert her into Islam, to recruit into financial group and to marry her. As the parents announced, they were not asked any permission and no bride price was paid. What is more, Ese is too young for marriage. She is just a schoolgirl.

the story of Ese Oruru 2

How the situation developed?

The mother (Rose Oruru) approached Don Kano. He confirmed the information about abduction and forcedmarriage. He also promised to accompany Rose to Kano. However, it was done by other person – Rabiu.

Rose went to the village head to find her daughter. The chief was angry with the fact that Ese’s mother came there and said, Ese had been renamed Aisha and then converted to Islam. He sent her to Emir’s palace. Nevertheless, she wasn't allowed to see Emir the first time.

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parents of Ese Oruru

The mother was upset and broke into tears. It attracted much attention and the police were involved. They took her statement and started investigation. The Secretary told them that the Head of Tufa Village received an approval from Kura Police Station to bring Ese to Emir’s palace and that Ese is convert of Islam now. Thus, the police were allowed to see Emir only on August 17, while the mother was not at all. After that, the statement was made in State CID in Kano State and then in Bayelsa. Later, the case was transferred to State CID Yenagoa. Several arrests were finally made.

girl abduction

Now the reports say that Ese has been rescued and will be delivered to Abuja to reunite with her family. The parents are looking forward to see their daughter. They say that police would not be able to do anything without so much public attention. Let’s wish them good luck and pray for the reunion of family with their child. And the latest news state that Ese Oruru arrived to Abuja to the police headquarters. She was not alone, too. Her abductor came there also cuffed. We will see how this story would turn out and end. 

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