Your Earliest Childhood Memory Dates To What Age?

One of the gifts given to me by God is that I have a photgraphic memory. Even after finishing primary school in the 80's, I still remember some of my classmates birthday, some of the names of my teacher, even incidents that occured in class. No, I am not bragging, but even then, some of my cousins were quite puzzled that I had such a distinct memory of perhaps, 'inconsequential' things. Sixteen years after I had finished primary school and was now living in the USA I emailed a former classmate of mine and mentined her birthday. The girl was shocked and during our phone conversation, she was asking me, "How did you know my birthday"?

Then, my elder brother and I, if we did not know names of people in school sometimes came up with a unique idea to identify them. There was this girl who was my schoolmate and would dress in a purple outfit. Different outfit, but with the same color. We came up with the unique name, "Purple girl". LOL, once, this girl had on a different color, and I had to inform my brother about the change. Years later in college, my brother narrated the story to the girl and she laughed.

So, at what age can you recollect an event in your life? I don't know if I am making this story of eating ice-cream with my brother in Washington D.C when I was two years old or if it really happened. But at 4 years old onwards, my memory became distinct. Even remember the day of the week my younger brothers and sisters were born. My mom was confused once on which day of the week my brother (now late) was born, and I told her. My elder brother said it was a different day, but I began to analyze the events that occured in the hospital, following his birth to her, and said it was Wednesday. True, I was right.


You can also the story of a woman who claims to remember a lot.


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@ age 3, I was the best student in my class and I got a prize on prize giving day for best student. When they called my name I ran out like a mad dog and fell into the sand before collecting my prize. I still remember the day pretty accurately.

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