Are Nigerian women sexier with short hair?

What types of haircuts do the man like most of all? What is a preferable length for Nigerian women and how to choose your perfect one? Read the article to find all answers about it.

Nigerian women

It seems that it is considered to think that the men prefer Nigerian women only with long hair. They think it is sexy, and the longer the hair is, the better. But let's rely on the checked facts and find out the truth.

  • By results, nearly a half of the answering men (about 50 percent) adhere to progressive views. They consider: if the girl looks good with a short hairstyle, then she can wear it. They will only be glad.
  • A quarter of male audience (slightly more than 26 percent) is not against short haircuts of the girl too. However, she will be tried to be dissuaded from a visit of hairdressing salon at first. But if she remains unshakable, then let it be so.
  • Another eleven percent of respondents are ready to love their second half in any look. They say: 'She can do anything!' It is necessary only to understand what is it — generosity or just indifference?
  • And the position of twelve percent of men doesn't raise any doubts. If the girl will make a short haircut, it will mean the end of the relations and no chances of a truce. So if your boyfriend is from this team, you better don’t risk.

According to data, there is more than forty percent of Nigerians who prefer girls with the long, streaming wavy hair. On the second place, there are admirers of long and straight hairstyle. And only on the third are those who like girls who have a short hair. How to learn whether the short hairstyle will be suitable for you? And what if men aren't absolutely honest with us?

short hairstyles

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To be convinced that short hairstyles are really good for your look, we advise you to follow the rules, due to which you will only emphasize your beauty and sexuality.

  • Very short sexy hair. Ultra short hairstyles are incompatible with large forms. Touchingly convex clavicles, a small accurate breast, and hips – it is necessary to be very fragile in general to look well with the short haircut. It is also desirable to have not too big growth.
  • To the chin or to shoulders. If you are a happy owner of model data, and your growth isn't lower than 180 cm, choose a hairstyle to a chin or even slightly lower. Soft waves of length to shoulders will be ideal.
  • Slightly short. Long hair at undersized girls looks ridiculously. Adult young ladies look strange with them. It is better to do a hairstyle with a middle shortness: elegant, seductive and not too short. It allows showing a neck, and at the same time doesn't make you look like a boy.
  • The cascade of a straight hair emphasizes all bends of a body. With such hairstyle, it is necessary to have a figure close to ideal. And if forms are a little superfluous, it is better to make long wavy or curly hair, which will balance body proportions in the necessary parts.
  • The tied hair. Such hairstyles open area of a décolleté and focus attention on breasts. But if you have a magnificent bust, you shouldn't bring your hair together, otherwise, the breast will seem too big. Much more sexy image for the owner of a solid volume is slightly wavy hair.

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