ASO EBI styles in Nigeria

ASO EBI style is great due to its variety able to please any taste and desire in fashion. Get some facts and ideas to create your own awesome outfits.

Many people in Nigeria and all over the world are very interested in fashion, especially the wedding one. Classical white dresses are not that popular anymore. Women want to try something new and extraordinary. It is very important for the bride not only to look wonderful, but to dress her friends the same way. Aso ebi styles are one of new modern trends.

aso ebi styles Nigeria

Their outfit should match the newlyweds’ ones and, besides, be fashionable. This kind of style has become popular all over Africa because of its bright and vibrant colors along with original designs.

What is Aso Ebi Style? 

Aso ebi is thought to be particularly a Nigerian thing. It denotes a special outfit for a group of people to a party, wedding, or funeral as a uniform. It usually identifies the group. The wearing itself is simple if it, for example, has been made for a party. However, if the event is unique and important, like wedding, the outfit may have complex changes. There are might be even different attires for each day. The literal translation of the word is “cloth of the family”. Nevertheless, not only family members, but also close friend can wear aso ebi styles. Thus, the bride shows they are close and important for her.


Yoruba aso ebi styleIt’s commonly thought that the tradition takes its roots from the times when different types of uniforms have appeared. It is connected with service, school or police uniforms. However, in the course of time, it has become a popular trend.

Aso ebi is a cultural feature of the Yoruba tribes. This is a beautiful concept, which signifies the unity of a certain family during the event. The reason it is mostly connected with the wedding is that this type of celebration isn’t just for bride and groom, but for the two families that are going to unite.    

Such outfit usually indicates:

  • unity,
  • support,
  • comradeship,
  • belonging.

It is necessary to understand that even if the term says it’s a Nigerian thing, it actually has become popular throughout Africa. However, depending on a certain tribe or a country the term itself may differ. Another words, there might be various titles but the same tradition.

Key features

ankara and lace nigeriaNowadays aso abi fashion has become more liberal.

Different types of fabric may be applied for such attires.

They usually include:

  • ankara,
  • lace,
  • cotton,
  • aso oke (cloth loomed by Yoruba people),
  • velvet,
  • adire (textile made by Yoruba women).

Various headscarves can be used as well. It’s possible to choose the shape and the brand.

Every aso ebi girl should be very beautiful. That is why lots of money are usually spent on the whole look. The expenses include:

  1. aso ebi style makeupMaterial. It is selected by the bride and depends much on the wedding cost in general. An average price of fabric is usually about N1.500 and higher. As a rule, a girl need about one or two yards of the material.
  2. Stylist. After you get necessary amount of the material you will have to pay for the tailor’s work. It usually costs about N2.500 and more.

    The price may vary according to the design type and the time left. There are also very expensive stylists whose dresses will cost not less than N5000.
  3.  Professional make-up. Almost every Nigerian girl is addicted to such thing. A girl must have a full glam make-up on the wedding day. A beautiful makeover will make you to spend about N5000 on it in a special studio.
  4. aso ebi accessories Accessories. They are not always necessary, but many brides demand that every aso ebi girl must have the same jewelry and bracelets that she does.

    Depending on the quality, such accessories will cost from N4500 upwards.

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  5. Scarf. It is also chosen for the girl. The cost depends on whether you need special colors or not. If you don’t you’ll have to pay about N1000. However, if you do, then you’ll have to go to the professional and pay N1200.
  6. Additional accessories. Any bridesmaid will need the matching shoes and a bag. For looking extremely good, be ready to pay N20000 for both accessories.
  7. Other things. You may also need to fix your nails, make your hair, and buy a new perfume.

The price will total about N55000. Thus, you see, that keeping aso ebi style isn’t very easy and cheap, so be ready for the expenses and hardworking.

Aso ebi, which used to be a Nigerian phenomenon, has gained wider spread.  Now it is popular not only among Yoruba people, but also among Igbos, Hausas, Efiks, and even beyond Nigeria. Many African countries now try to keep this tradition.

Moreover, the custom itself has changes with the time. Now not only family members wear in aso ebi style. Members of one social, religious, political or any other group do it as well. Besides, even colleagues and friends choose such trend for a particular event. You may see people wearing this kind of attire on the weddings, parties, and even funerals and naming ceremonies. However, choosing this style for yourself (especially for the wedding), don’t forget about the spending you will have to bear.

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