Best hairstyles for Nigerian men from Benny Harlem – Top 5

Extremely wonderful story of a guy who has decided to live a healthy life. He has a beautiful long hair and shows what a man can do with it.

Harlem young

The days, when men thought it was possible to choose hairstyles themselves, are in the past now. Nowadays they must take into account the age, appearance, features and their status. But the main criterion for hairstyles for men is unchanged: convenience and a minimum of problems in nursing.

But what about style? If you want to attract attention and be different - Benny Harlem knows how to do that! He knows everything about hair care and hair growth. His ideas are truly crazy and unexpected! But maybe it’s exactly what you have been looking for? Check out the coolest hairstyles for men from Benny Harlem.

benny harlem's hairstyle

Fashion industry offers to representatives of a strong half of the world many interesting options of hairstyles. But stylist never forgets about those who want to look totally different.

Welcome Benny Harlem. He is a California-based artist and he has been documenting his and his daughter’s stunning natural hair on his Instagram. Besides that, he presented plenty of cool and unusual hairstyles for men.

Benny Harlem always says his hair is the result of the right healthy lifestyle. Of course, hair care is very important but the lifestyle means everything.

benny harlem's haircut

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He said in the interview that health was his lifestyle. Benny believed that being healthy mind, body and spirit allowed his hair to reach much beyond its peak. He maintained a very clean and healthy diet and Benny drank a ton of water. These are two very important factors for the longevity of healthy and strong hair.

A daily routine work is always necessary to maintain something great. Benny Harlem uses plenty of natural hair products, which can nourish his hair the best. Since he has a habit of dressing and cleaning his hair, his daily routine has become very simple, it only includes hydrating and styling.

harlem style

Benny Harlem often has the epic photos. He loves making pictures with his daughter. We must say she is absolutely adorable.

They like to do different hairstyles together. Their pictures exploded Instagram. People think it’s extremely sweet that father and daughter make hairstyles together. However, men had found some cool ideas for themselves and already began to imitate Benny’s ones. Maybe it’s going to be some new fashion stream.

The trend of the coming season is careful thought negligence. Any length and shape are no longer relevant. You’ll have to look after your hairstyle all the time. When chaos is transformed into a spectacular thing, the look becomes extremely stylish and fashionable!

For modern men groomed appearance is no less important than women one. Because the male hairstyles have become trendy, attractive and status. Probably, therefore the  professionals have become so popular among the male population. After all, it is thanks to their work some modern, new and suitable looks are always created.

Harlem's long hair

It’s never too late to check out the ideas of the experts and professionals. Maybe your new hairstyle will change your life. And Benny Harlem can help you with that.


Of course, almost all hairstyles are worthy of attention, because each of them - is a great work of art. But personally acceptable to me only what is practical, that can be easily entered into the everyday life of thousands or even millions of people. And when I see something like that, I truly understand that nothing good will come of it and any results either. Need to do so that the floor of the result of the mother, or at least job satisfaction. And just for art's sake, of course it is possible, and even necessary, but who will bring joy, but to its creator?

Answered 1 year ago.

I love when a man well-groomed ( a short manicure, a good haircut , neatly dressed ) . Of course, the stylish and fashionable hairstyle is also an important element in the creation of a common style. Men who follow the fashion trends (At least from time to time ) should definitely read this material . Of course , Benny Harlem surprised me with the way he takes care of his hair. Frankly , many of the women do not take care of your hair as this man . It gives me a sense of respect . This is a good example.

Answered 1 year ago.
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