DIY Art: How to make ankara bracelet?

Have you ever thought of making Ankara bracelet with beads and loose threads? Read this article and get full Ankara bracelet tutorial.

Beautiful bracelets

DIY Ankara bracelet is quite fashionable and stylish accessory suitable for every girl of any age, who is interested in the world of fashion and attractive details to your stock of clothes.

If it’s your obsession and you are interested in such glamorous bracelets, than this article is designed exactly for you.

First of all, you should make up your mind what pattern would you like to choose – animal pattern? Why not?

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Secondly, it is important to have a set of things which will come in handy in the process of creating your future masterpiece – DIY Ankara bracelet.

So, you will need a pair of scissors, thread and needle. Than, it is also necessary to have some Ankara material, bracelet, and craft glue, it is optional.

  • You need to decide on the length of the bracelet. How long and big should it be? Thus, you have to calculate the quantity of the fabric you need to buy beforehand.
  • You can do this after deciding on its thickness of the bracelet, that you are intended to wrap. It is needed to cut a rectangular strip of the chosen material – bear in mind that the length should  be enough to wrap the bracelet.

The next step that you need to follow is sewing the ends of the strip – two longest ends – in order to be able to make a tube. So as to hide the stitches you are to turn the created tube inside out.

Ankara bracelet

After that you need to wrap this strip around your lovely bracelet – it is obligatory to be confident in its tightness and smoothness.

Following one of the final steps you have to cut off the material that is odd – excess material. Finally, you need to bend in the end of the bracelet’s strip. You may hide it by means of different ways. It is possible to hide it with the help of glue. A good idea!

Rather simply? Isn’t it? These easy steps will inevitably help you to create your own bracelet, and the main thing – with your own hands just using simple and available materials.


If you want to design something more complicated and extravagant you may opt for DIY Ankara bracelet with beads and loose threads. The variety of patterns to choose won’t left you indifferent.

What’s more, you have to bear in mind that world most famous online shops will offer you a vast choice of goods related to jewellery and ankara bracelets or earrings in particular.

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