Does eyebrow piercing hurt?

Dream about eyebrow piercing? What tips should you follow? How to prevent pain? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about right eyebrow piercing in this article!

eyebrow piercing

Fashion is very extraordinary and so the modernization of certain parts of the human body will surprise few people. Piercing of different body parts is extremely popular among youth and not only. Every fan of this hobby wants to make an eyebrow piercing with some special, bright, interesting and unusual decoration.

Top phenomenon has already become the eyebrow piercing. Well, any newcomer is willing to find out how to make the piercing of eyebrow right and what items are best to use for decoration. And the most popular question whether there is any eyebrow piercing pain. Well, let's try to find out all the details.

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The entire procedure is performed in a specialized master cabin. These people are called the piercer. Sometimes they are real doctors. The most important in terms of their qualification is the correct approach to the total sterility of equipment and, of course, skill in terms of choice, where the piercing is performed.

Cotton swab is carefully moistened in an appropriate disinfecting solution, which is used to rub hands, needed tools and, of course, skin. If you wish, you can have a local anesthetic. The specialist should make a puncture in the first quarter of a person's eyebrow, close to the edge of the eye.

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Although there are only five ways to do such puncture. In any case it is recommended to make not more than one puncture at ones. After healing of the last one you can try again. The wound heals in about 3-6 weeks. If the person did everything right it won’t hurt much. Also if he does it fast, you may feel only the puncture. The pain always depends on two factors: the skill of piercer and also pain threshold of a person.

Eyebrow piercing: does it hurt?

eyebrow piercing jewelry

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It's certain that almost everyone wonders whether eyebrow piercing hurts. It all depends on your threshold. It may cause feel mild pain and also some discomfort. In order to get rid of unpleasant sensation people use most extremely common decoration. People use special different rod-bananas barbells or some rings with a ball-clasp.

Your brow can also be decorated with some colorful balls. Eyebrow piercing jewelry may be different. Everyone picks up the things that he loves most. Your eyebrows let you feel free trying and experimenting. The metal material of the decoration is also very important. The best option will become: Teflon, gold and titanium.

Your puncture is not healing and hurts - what to do?

eyebrow piercing is not healing

Your eyebrow piercing is not healing? Do not panic! You should rinse the punctured place with saline, and then smear with lavender oil, zinc ointment. You should eat well and also use vitamins of B group. Contact your dermatologist immediately. Let an expert (doctor or piercer) help you to solve the problem quickly. Treatment at home can be inefficient and really ineffective.

Remember that the process of wound healing depends on your taking care for it. If you do everything in a right way, everything goes well.

Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects

Eyebrow piercing, the consequences of which are very different, can be accompanied by various problems and symptoms, as:

  • There may be such dangerous side effects, like: redness, bleeding, allergies, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes;
  • Hypersensitivity in the place of puncture for two weeks;
  • Punctures in the middle of your eyebrows and close to the bridge of the nose can leave bruising around your eyes and even damage the eyesight;
  • You can accidentally pull out decoration and injure skin tissue;
  • If the immune system is much weakened, there is a risk of deterioration of the body through the desire to tear decoration;
  • The most dangerous may be blood poisoning or infection, which has got under the skin.

Mistakes made at the puncture can be fatal for the health, and in rare cases even life. However, if you are going to a good piercing specialized salon or you have found a very  trusted master – there is totally nothing to worry about.

How to remove eyebrow piercing?

remove eyebrow piercing

To remove the piercing of your eyebrow, you need to remove the pier, and then the hole eventually heals itself. If you cannot do it on your own, you can ask for help at the salon or hospital.

Care after eyebrow piercing

Care after eyebrow piercing

Healing and the formation of the channel take 4-6 weeks, after which you can change the decoration. It is recommended for four weeks applied to the puncture zone and decoration a special mixture. The client usually gets the instructions from his piercer.

  • Care instructions after eyebrow piercing
  • Earrings are not removed within 6 weeks.
  • In the first 3 days after the puncture refrain from visiting the pool, saunas, swimming in rivers, etc.
  • Every day, morning and evening for 6 weeks you need to treat the puncture of the skin with special antiseptic. Means must be applied so that it falls on the needle entry and exit points, as well as the channel. During this treatment you must scroll through the ring and move it into the channel.

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  • During the month wearing hats, which press tightly against your eyebrow is undesirable.
  • You cannot treat the puncture place with alcohol - it may be burn skin.
  • After showering, sports, swimming baths you must treat the puncture once more.
  • After 4 weeks, you can remove the ring and change it to the other decoration.
  • Remember that you must remove all metal jewelry for the sauna and solarium. Refrain from the use of the sauna and solarium if the piercing is not healed yet.
  • If you have any redness, swelling around the earrings, pain and discharge, you should immediately remove jewelry and see a specialist, who has done a puncture.
  • Do not buy jewelry of dubious quality, as poor decoration material can lead to inflammation of the already formed channel.
  • It is recommended to wear earring, as the channel can be tightened quickly.

Consequences of eyebrow piercing

Consequences of eyebrow piercing

  • The risk of nerve damage during a puncture (with a change of motor and sensory functions).
  • The risk of eyebrow piercing infection in the wound (especially if a person has low immunity).
  • It may remain noticeable eyebrow piercing scar, sometimes keloid or hypertrophic.

eyebrow piercing consequences

You are familiar with all the ins and outs of eyebrow piercing. Only a professional expert, quality work and favorable features of your body will give a 100% positive result. So if you want to avoid pain and not to get dangerous consequences - think twice and then find a good piercer!

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