Eyebrows tattoo: before and after

When you think of tattooed-on makeup, two words that probably don't come to mind are "subtle" and "natural." A few recommendations and advices you will find here.

eyebrow tattoo
To begin with, let's look at what is the eyebrow tattoo, and what are its pros and cons. You can also see some examples of it on celebrities.

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Eyebrows Tattoo

Eyebrows tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that is technically intradermal micro pigmentation. During the proceedings, a beautician or master uses pigments or dyes in a similar way as in a regular tattoo, with the only difference that the dye is injected into the upper layers of the skin. A tattoo can be compared to permanent makeup, so it's not forever, the term "shelf life" of the eyebrows depends on the quality of pigment and the skill of the beautician. If the paint goes into the second layer, a tattoo is permanent.

eyebrows tattoo

Eyebrows Tattoo before and after photo

If you want to make permanent makeup eyebrows, it is better to start to try a temporary one. Still, a very critical step is to approach to the selection of the master, because only he will be able to choose the right color, adjust the shape and apply the pigment.

eyebrows tattoo

Eyebrows Tattoo before and after

And now there are eyebrow tattoos that celebrities did. If you would still want to do it after such examples, do it!

It would seem that nothing can ruin the appearance of lovely women like Angelina Jolie. But still, a "master" that I could. Who encouraged the actress to make eyebrow tattoo is unknown, it was probably experimenting with looks that have taken place in youth Angelina (and who hasn't), but those eyebrows... Jolie is quite broad and expressive facial features, so the eyebrow tattoo was not necessary, and especially in this shape. But, as we know, beauty Angie quickly, "ill" and realized that nature, and so gave her the comprehensive data and the only thing she needs to do is to care for them properly. Now Jolie prefers to focus on the eye makeup, eyebrows colors so the only suitable shade of powder and clear gel.

eyebrows tattoo

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing before and after

Dark skin, black, white curls, colored strands of hair or dreadlocks - all these are images of American singer Christina Aguilera. With this change of style is difficult to choose the right eyebrow color, apparently, this was the reason that she decided to say goodbye to their natural eyebrows and do makeup in the style of Greta Garbo. Now Aguilera, despite the fact that choosing the right makeup and have not learned, is an example of a competent permanent makeup eyebrows. Her beautician picked up the correct shape and tint for eyebrows that are harmonious look with her platinum hair color.

The lead singer of No Doubt you can take as an example when you go to the beautician because in 2007 she had the perfect tattoo. However, from this, Gwen decided to give up and now prefers to wear wider natural eyebrows, tinting them a little in those places where it is needed.

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