Fashion victims: Top 8 most revealing dresses of Nigerian women

There are women in Nigeria who can definitely be called fashion victims! They choose the weirdest outfits and are not ashamed about it! Read this article to find out more.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

It’s not a secret to anyone that Nigerian women just love fashion. Thousands years ago clothes were only used to get warm but nowadays fashion trends are important for our society.

A lot of ladies and gentlemen enjoy watching fashion shows. In general, we find our appearance important and most of us really love shopping. And it sounds as a great hobby as long as you’re not going crazy.

There certainly are designer collections with clothes that might seem really weird for some people. However, there is time and place for everything.

When a scandalous celebrity decides to go to some kind of ceremony in a weird dress, it’s totally different if your daughter suddenly starts wearing too strange and inappropriate outfits.

There are still women in Nigeria who have another understanding of the word ‘fashion’ and who think it’s totally fine to walk around half-naked or even completely without clothes.

The women who dress like that get judged a lot. A lot of people argue that even though people are free to wear what they want, it’s still absolutely inappropriate to choose such type of clothes as casual style.

Moreover, there are a lot of overweight women who wear the clothes that certainly don’t fit them at all. It is also believed that the women who dress this way are more likely to get harassed and even raped.

All in all, everyone agrees that the things that all these girls put on, has nothing to do with real fashion. Here you will find the funniest and the most inappropriate outfits ever!

revealing dresses of Nigerian

1) This photo was taken in one of the nightclubs in Benin. This photo has been all over the Internet for a while. And it’s not hard to guess why!

The outfit of the girl on the picture is really inappropriate as you can see half of her nipples. Even though she is going to the club and not to the parents meeting at school, it’s still too erotic.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

2) Oge Okoye is quite famous in Nigeria so it’s no wonder why the photo of her in the revealing dress gained popularity really fast. What makes it so special is that celebrity wore this dress to church!

Even though she isn’t really naked like the other women of this TOP, it’s just not the best decision to attend the sacred place having such an outfit.

What is more, you can see not only her breasts but also her tattoos. Therefore, all these factors make her decision seem really wrong. Her fans are still discussing the incident.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

3) This outfit is hard to comment! People who saw this woman apparently assumed she was crazy. It’s hard to find a good explanation why this girl thought it was fine to dress like that.

Even though most of the time the parties don’t have a particular dress code it doesn’t mean that going like that is an option.

It’s quite obvious that people start to feel discomfort as they see her and it’s a totally normal and natural reaction. And not only had she thought it was okay, she also wanted the photographer to take picture of her.

Frankly speaking, this woman isn’t even in the best shape to show off.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

4) The outfit of this Nigerian woman also isn’t the best out there. There is an opinion that the only reason we see such photos online is the desire of girls to show off.

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They want to hear what people think about them without even thinking that not all of those comments under the photo on the social media are honest and written because of pure admiration.

It’s not good news for our society as such actions of the girls make them go crazy about the opinion of other people and forget about their own feelings.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

5) One of the girls on this photo is wearing only a bra! There isn’t enough information to say what event is going on there but we can surely see a couple of men on the background.

It would be fair to say that when the girls have their own little parties they could wear whatever they want – even walk around naked.

However, when there are a lot of people around and especially men it’s not the best idea to dress like that, even if it’s some kind of special event like birthday party.

And what is even more immoral is taking pictures and posting them on the social media. What would their kids say?

revealing dresses of Nigerian

6) It turns out that not only young girls can be fashion victims. Even some married women in Nigeria don’t see any problem with dressing like that.

It is a really big problem because older people are the ones younger girls have to look up to.

And when they see such outfits they start thinking that any revealing clothes are perfectly fine and they could wear them any time they want.

Even though we can’t tell people what to wear, such outfits should be forbidden by the law.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

7) There are so many girls reported raped. Obviously, we can’t blame them for it. However, wearing almost no clothes at all or having such a huge décolleté is definitely going to make men look at you.

Some girls really like a lot of attention. However, they forget that their personality is a more important factor than the clothes they are wearing.

revealing dresses of Nigerian

8) This way of dressing can’t be called fashion at all. Sometimes it’s hard to think what all these girls have in their minds when they are choosing what to wear in the morning.

Going that extreme is totally fine when you’re at your own house where no one can see you. However, going to the public places and dressing like that isn’t morally okay.

All in all, these women certainly aren’t the best examples of fashion in Nigeria.

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