Hawker: who is the best dressed one in the world?

Why does this hawker wear amazing and chic suits on the streets? Get the story of the best dressed street seller in the world!

chic hawker

Many people complain that there are no decent jobs, but how about making any job decent? This hawker from Zimbabwe proves: any work has to be done well and in his case with the chic!

The best hawker in the world:

We all have talents and gifts. However, life is a complicated thing and it does not always allow us to do what we love the most. In the case of Farai Mushayademo he had to choose between street hawking or making suits.


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He chose the first option, but did not give up the second one. His hobby tremendously helps his business. Today we can see thousands of street hawkers trying to make their living by selling goods on the streets. This year one of them has changed her destiny dramatically by becoming a model!

street hawker

This guy sells drinking water and has much competition to deal with. And he copes with it successfully! How does he do it? Be being the best dressed hawker in the world!

Daily he shows up on the streets in the fancy suits. He hears hats and ties and other accessories. When you look at him, you have a hard time to believe you see a hawker! He is stylish and chic indeed. And what is more, he makes all his suits!

Why is he not making and selling suits? Just because hawking water brings more money! People need this commodity daily, while they can wear suits for years! This guys is smart and he successfully combines his hobby and work.

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