How do hair extensions work?

Do you prefer using hair extensions over your natural Nigerian hair? 

hair extensions

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Even I do not know what to answer you on this occasion . On the one hand , it is better to have the, natural , long and well-groomed hair . But the problem is that they may lack thickness or grow slowly. Then you can make the hair extensions . On the other hand , this procedure is not a cheap pleasure , and in a normal salon you will have to pay a lot of money . I would not have risked this capacity and to grow their hair . Let the long, hard but their own. And those who can not wait - next to the salon .

Answered 1 year ago.

Today, the procedure involves the use of the following technologies:

1. cold build: Spanish and Japanese technology (with a metal Ring beads Star);

2. hot build-up: Italian and English technology.

One of the varieties of cold hair extension is Tape hair extension (technology without using capsules) . More information about this procedure You can consult the section "Services" .

Hair extension is one of the types of hairdressing services that allows you to add to the client's hair donor hair. Thus, in a relatively short time You can dramatically change your hairstyle. The procedure of hair extensions before the master opens a lot of possibilities in hair styling on short hair. The technique was first applied in Europe in the late 1960s., however, became widespread only in the 1990s In Russia about hair extensions found out later, and currently it is the direction of hairdressing we have a growing rapidly. In addition to beauty salons, this service often offer masters working at home, including the master of our salon.

Answered 1 year ago.
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