How do Nigerian women do their eyebrows tattoos?

What do ladies think of having permanent eyebrows tattooed? She's contemplating getting one because she says she has faint eyebrows and wants to know if having the eyebrows permanently tattooed is her best option. What about Nigerian women? How do they do eyebrows tattoos?

There is always a new fashion trend women in Nigeria adopt everyday. Today, Battabox presenter Adeola has discovered a new trend – Eyebrow Tattoo.

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Eyebrow tattoo

“It is called temporary laali (henna) eyebrow,” says Timilehin, one of the eyebrow tattoo vendors.

If you visit the big Yaba market in Lagos which is also known as the local fashion hub of Lagos, you will see the place where ladies get themselves fashionable items to look beautiful.

This is a beauty place; everything can be done here.

eyebrow tattoo

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

In Yaba market you could get your hair done, nails, makeup, cloths, shoes, bags and what have you, you could even get a gap tooth in Yaba market. But the new trend now is ladies getting their eyebrows tattooed to save themselves the stress of drawing the perfect eyebrow.


“I prefer this one because it doesn’t take time,” says one lady

But what exactly are the difference in the tattooed eyebrow and the usual one drawn with pencil? Watch the video to grasp the idea.

Would you get your eyebrows tattooed?

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